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Ways To Help You Quit Smoking

Updated on May 24, 2014

What have you tried to help you quit smoking?

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Smoking is hazardous to your health, and we know that, but we do it anyway. There comes a time however, when some people choose to quit, and weather it's something you've been advised to do by your heath care professional, or, something you just want to do, there's no easy, quick fix.

Even so, there are things you can do to help, that don't require any zany nicotine related substance. You can do these things with your other routines. They helped me, and everything on this list are things I've personally done.

Will they help you?

Only trying will find out, but, I think you'll find something that'll help you here.

Side Thought: Frame of Mind

When a person first starts smoking, it's choice. It's not a need, like air, or water, or food. It's just a desire, or a whim, that people don't always think about in the long term. When they first start using nicotine they don't worry about becoming addicted, because if they did, they really wouldn't start in the first place.

I mean, it's a completely horrible habit, hands down.

You have to put your mind back at the start of it all. You have to want to quit. You have desire not to pick up a cigarette. Lastly, you need to tell yourself in the hard times, smoking is not a need. You do not require it. You don't need nicotine, and you want to quit.

It should be your just don't need it. You're better off without it.

Putting ones own positive desires in front of their vices, and using those positive thoughts as a shield, is really in my opinion, one of the best thing you can do for yourself...and it is ultimately your resolve that will help you to quit.

It needs to be you, from your heart, and your soul...

Nothing else will work. No crazy gimmicks that you see on T.V., no weird pills, or patches, or gums, are going to help you, unless you want to quit, and are committed to the task. Some might argue that they make things easier, and, that may be true...but, it doesn't force you to quit.

Remember, it's got to be you who says "no", you, who's got to have the power.

Tactic One: Habit Changes

Alright, I'll be honest, when I first tried to quit, I used the nicotine gum, and that didn't work, then I tried the patch, and that didn't help me either. For me, it was a temptation problem. I had the patch, or the gum, and in my head, I still wanted that cigarette. I was hard for me to say "no" to lighting up, because I already had something already adding the substance I wanted to avoid into my body.

Finally I decided to go cold turkey, and in doing so, with many failed attempts, I made an interesting discovery.

Eating vegetables and fruit, were a nice and busy alternative for keeping my mouth occupied. It wasn't gum, so it wasn't like the nicotine type gums that I kept thinking about. It isn't a patch, so it's completely unrelated to other quitting aids. Not only that, it's healthy. The idea here is to replace your bad habit, with a good habit...or in my case, snacking on vegetables.

People tend to eat more anyway when they quit smoking, so, make sure if your going to eat something that isn't a meal, that you make a healthy choice about it. Another idea is cereal or trail mix, something lightly flavored that you can eat right out of the box, or keep in your desk drawer.

The general idea here, is replace the smoking...replace it with anything positive...anything at all, that's healthy. What you need to understand with any vice, is that you must have moderation...however it's easier to moderate a healthy, non-addictive substance than it is to moderate something you are entirely addicted to, and can't control.

The key here is to remember, you are in control. You have to be, because it's your body, and you have to take care of it. You owe yourself that much.

Tactic Two: Keeping Busy and Social

It is much easier to dwell on something you can't have, if it keeps teasing you. Pulling at your mind, as if you're a puppet on a string. the best way to remedy this is to keep active.

Go for a walk, play with your kids, do something that has noting to do with putting anything near your mouth. I don't care if it's reading, puzzles, or even just finding a local community center with an indoor pool...find an active hobby. Find something that brings happiness to you, decompresses you, and ultimately helps to complete you.

In my case, I decided to host game nights. On a day I knew I would have nothing to do, I would make sure I was hosting some type of get together with likeminded friends. Ones who either didn't smoke, or at least didn't do it around me...I was lucky to have friends to didn't mind that my household was now a smoke free environment...but I also acknowledged that they were smokers, and didn't choose to quit.

During times when they went out, I had to accept that they were going to smoke around me. I couldn't control them, l I had to control me...and that plays into that frame of mind thing I was talking about above...

Which leads me to my next point. You might want to find some likeminded people to befriend. I'm not saying to go to some weird anonymous meeting,or to stop hanging out with your friends and family who are smokers...not remotely!

All I'm saying, is that I'm sure there are other people who like to do the same things you do, and I'm sure at least some don't smoke, and that some have quit the habit themselves. Safety in numbers, and also a little piece of mind too. Sometimes it helps to overcome things together.

If you prefer to be a homebody, that's fine too...but find a household project that you haven't gotten to do. Choose one that you might like to complete. Put your focus into that. The less idle time you have, the less obsessing you will do over all.

Tactic Three: Incentives

When smokers are stressed, they light up.

Avoid that with your other two tactics. Keep yourself moderately busy, and make sure to have replaced you smoking habit with your new, positive one...remember, your life must now always contain moderation.

If you do tend to find yourself stressed out, ask yourself why you're stressed. Then do something soothing to you. It should be something that'll either burn off restless energy, or calm your already frazzled nerves. Quitting isn't easy, and sometimes people will to lose their temper, just remember though, that will only get better each day that goes by.

If you're trying to burn off restless energy, try a jog, or a workout in the gym. You'll be saving money every month by not purchasing cigarettes, so put that towards something that's interesting to you. A painting class or pottery class may just be the thing you need. Maybe think about getting a monthly manicure and pedicure, or even a day at a spa...

Have a restaurant you would like to try, but know you can't afford it? Find out how much you spend on cigarettes every week, and put it in a jar... you'll be surprised how much you save in a short time. Knowing you can afford a special treat with your significant other, or maybe a vacation at the end of a few years of saving, could be just those incentives you need to help you quit.

Remember, some packs cost upwards of 5 bucks a piece...if your a pack a day smoker, that adds up like you wouldn't believe. Don't believe me, get a jar and start saving money, you'll find out.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you do to help you quit, make sure it's the right choice for you. Quit for the right reasons, and, there's plenty of them. Deciding to stop is the first step, like with any addiction, you won't be "cured", so, it's best to amend your lifestyle around being healthy.

Find outlets to channel yourself, make friends that you can connect with, and broaden your horizons just a little bit at a time. It's not an instant thing, it doesn't happen over night, but you know what?

That's okay.

It's just one step forward, and you have a lifetime to go, so, make sure, you live to the fullest, finding happiness wherever and whenever you can. That's really the best way to quit, because if you have fulfillment, you can do anything you set your mind to.

I firmly believe that.


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