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Ways To Shape Up Fast After Giving Birth

Updated on November 9, 2010

Drop those pounds and get back to that sexy you after giving birth. Do these three steps:

1) First of all, make a plan. You must consult the doctor to start off. They would tell whether you could start off that weight loss program or not. Most women could get back to light exercises such as a short walk in the neighborhood, etc. (please take note of the words light exercise), but it would depend on your condition. Those with normal delivery could execute light exercises a few days after she gives birth and recuperates. However, to those in the c-section, they usually have to wait for 6 weeks or more before they could resume normal activities, as they need recovery for those stitches in the tummy (which takes WEEKS or months to recover).

Jackie Keller, the author of Body After Baby says that, "It is possible to get started right away, to do it in a healthy way and to get that baby weight off quickly." The only condition here is to see the doctor every time. Once the doctor gives you the go signal, gradually introduce yourself to more strenuous exercises, including resistance training for that metabolism and endurance boost.

2) Make your baby your workout partner. Who says you can't mix bonding time with baby? Make that little angel your partner while you work on those pounds off. Using a stroller to put the baby intact, push and walk around for around 30 minutes to one hour. When the doctor approves you to have a total body workout, do it with the baby. Hold him/her to serve as a weight and do ab crunches, squats and calf raises.

Visualization would also help. Imagine that something is tied around your ribcage, and imagine pulling till the ends of the ribbon, holding it as long as you can while normally breathing. This will help your ribcage become narrow, giving your midsection an exercise. Repeat.

3) Food, food, food. It would always be a part of every weight loss. Be smart and watchful about what you eat. Munch on fresh fruits instead of dried ones, as they would let you build up a lot of sugar without you being aware of it. Refrain from salted peanuts too, instead, try eating them unseasoned or raw.

Most people are not aware but eggs, oatmeal, apples and almonds help fight hunger pangs. These are super foods - as they make you feel full longer without giving too much of the load in the weight. Make sure to eat moderately, though.

Also, munch on meals with "slow-release" carbohydrates so that it will aid you to burn more fat when working those pounds off. Few examples of these foods are bran flakes and oatmeal.


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