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Ways You Can Take Your First Step Towards Sobriety?

Updated on August 21, 2013

If someone were to make the decision to quit drinking and live a life of sobriety, how would they begin this process?

This decision could be one of the hardest decisions in ones life. To be able to let go of something that has ran your life for so many years, and just to say goodbye to this addiction will be tough.

This is what I have leaned and what I did to overcome my addiction to alcohol.

First and foremost, you must want to stop drinking and surrender to your addiction. This is the first step, and without doing this step, you might as well continue the life you lead now.

Having a Positive Attitude is a must in order to get clean and sober. You can not have any negative thoughts whatsoever.

You must make your mind up whether you want to continue your life as is, or quit drinking and find sobriety again.

What I Have Learned

So, you have finally set your mind into the positive mode and you are ready to begin on the road to recovery.

After surrendering to an addiction, you must then promise yourself that you can not ever pick up another drink again for the rest of your life . If you are not willing to except these terms of sobriety, then you are not ready to surrender to your addiction.

This promise you had made to yourself MUST NOT be broken. You must stay strong and not let your inner demons take over you body and mind again.

I made this promise and I will never look back at the past. As time passed, the craving and the desire to drink alcohol slowing disappeared out of my life.

The reason is, that I truly believe that my positive attitude that I started with from the very beginning was a huge help in the start of the recovery process.

I knew deep down that I could overcome this addiction and I would do everything in my power to achieve sobriety. I knew I had to stop drinking alcohol before it was too late to change.

The power of a Positive Attitude is remarkable, and if you set your mind to it and stick to this attitude you will not only achieve sobriety, but you will be able to achieve anything in life that you wish.

Be Proud Of Your Achievement

Rewarding Yourself

As the days, weeks and before you know it months have gone bye, you will then start to realize that you have made it through without your crutch. You need to reward yourself by treating yourself to something that you really love.

Be excited and spread the word, that you have quit drinking alcohol and are darn proud of it. Don't be embarrassed to tell your drinking buddies that you have finally surrendered to your addiction and will never touch the stuff again.

Be proud of what you have done to change your life.

As the time passed by for me, it then was somewhat of a game I played. I said to myself well, I made it sober one month, lets try for two, three and so on.

Then when the one year anniversary comes, the new game is lets make it two years and then three and so on.

I did something that I thought was impossible for me to achieve and I realize that with the right frame of mind and the willingness and the desire to quit drinking it was not impossible at all.

I did it and anyone with an addiction can do the same if your heart and soul is into the world of Sobriety.

Just try Sobriety and see how life is being clean and sober and I'll bet you will never go back to your old ways if you promise yourself you will never pick up a drink again.

After all, you don't want to lie to yourself do you?



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