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Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside!

Updated on October 13, 2018
Kambi Briggs profile image

Kambi loves the outdoors but understands that not everyone can get out all of the time. So, through research, she has a list to give to you.

Before we begin...

I do have to say that these do not replace being outside! They simply can bring some of them indoors for those days you simply don’t want to, or can’t, get away from your house.

Throw open your curtains!

This one is the simplest that I can think of. Fling aside your curtains, no matter how sheer, and let some sunlight in! This way, you can up your Vitamin D storage, help combat diseases and disorders (including depression and heart disease), increase your productivity, improves your overall mood, and so much more.

And, if it’s a nice day outside, slide open your windows, too! Allowing fresh air into your living space can give you even more healthy profit! These include calming your nerves, improving your brain health, and boosting your immune system!

Deck the halls with plants and herbs!

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE plants. In fact, I have four herbs growing in my room (yes, they’re all named and yes, I love them dearly). But, what lots of people don’t realize, is that houseplants are not just for decoration! Colleges all over the world have conducted studies on how houseplants affect the air inside of an enclosed area and the results are astounding! All of these plants, when treated properly, can actually clean the air inside your house through photosynthesis (which I’m sure all of you are sick of hearing after middle school).

But it doesn’t stop there. Plants have also shown that they clean the toxins within a household or office space. Feel more than free to do your own research on what you think could be best for your home!

Start a collection of rocks and crystals!

Some people simply love the look of a pretty rose quartz or a lovely topaz, and that is perfectly fine in itself. Personally, I adore the ~vibrations~ some crystals and rocks give off. Many people use specific rocks to correspond to Chakras (more on that another time), decorate their living or work space, or use them for yoga and other spiritual practices. I would completely encourage trying any of these out if you feel stress or “cabin fever” from being inside too long! Plus, who doesn’t love colorful rocks to add some POP to their life?

The rocks you collect, if you decide to do so, do not have to be perfect. As long as you like them, that's all that matters!
The rocks you collect, if you decide to do so, do not have to be perfect. As long as you like them, that's all that matters! | Source

Change your color scheme!

Anyone who works with color can tell you that color can do a LOT to a person. Color and shade can affect the mood in artwork, movies, small doodles, huge masterful productions, and everything else in between. So, choose a palette that makes you feel in the outdoors! Personally, I love using to choose color schemes of all sorts. The best part about changing your theme? You can be as big or as little with it as you want! Want to paint your walls? Go for it. Can only place a few color themed items around your space? That’s perfectly fine too! Do whatever you can and want to do! And, if you do decide to lather a nice coat of “Dark Olive Green 4”, or whatever, on your walls, you can get some amazing plants to purify the toxins into nothing again.

Water Water Water!!

There’s a reason why this is on the bottom of the list. It’s because this is the most repeated yet the most important thing no matter what you’re doing (unless it’s a bad thing, of course, then don’t do the bad thing. No, no). It would normally go without explanation as to why this is important but I’m going to give you a few points anyway!

  • Flushes out toxins

  • Boosts immune system

  • Prevents headaches, cramps, and sprains

  • Improves your complexion

  • Helps the good chemicals get around your body

The main reason what this is included in this list is explained in this simple… “equation”.

Outside=feel good. Drinking water=feel good. Thus, Outside=Drinking water

© 2018 Kambriann Briggs


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