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Ways to Keep You Strong during Your Kid’s Leukaemia Treatment

Updated on December 11, 2015

Receiving news that your young one is sick is generally hard to deal with and there may be times that you find yourself lacking strength. In instances, when you feel that you cannot bear seeing your kid suffer or you cannot handle the high expenses, it is possible not to break down. With the following pointers, you can keep yourself from losing hope.

Always give thanks, whatever little thing comes your way. It may come in the form of financial aid from friends or anonymous donors.

Have enough rest, especially when you feel tired and down. Whenever you sense exhaustion, the feeling of hopelessness sometimes follows. One of the best ways to prevent you from succumbing to despair is to sit down and talk with a family member or friend. You can also join support groups such as the CanTeen, Leukaemia Foundation, and Cancer Voices (that is, if you live in Australia). Or, better yet, spend quality time with your kid or have your entire family and engage in fun activities; maybe, you can visit nearby attractions or just stay at home and watch funny films.

Leukemia | Source

Be strong for your child. True, it is impossible not to cry; however, not in front of your young one because it will only make him or her think of himself or herself as a burden. When this happens, your young one may refuse treatment, thinking that it is the best way to avoid being a hassle. Hence, always remain calm and show a positive outlook, especially when you are talking with your sick kid.

Come up with ways to help you handle the expenses, especially since leukaemia requires a series of major treatments and medications. You can seek financial assistance from your friends, support group, employer, government, and charity organisations. You can also ask the physician for alternative financing. While you are looking into various funding options, consider getting Life Insurance Australia, which protects your family financially in the event of your own illness or death. Depending on your choice of coverage, it generally comes with a funeral benefit, lump sum payment (for terminal illness diagnosis or burial costs), and cash back. Finally, find out how much your health insurance is willing to compensate for your kid’s hospitalisation and medical procedures.

Remember; you can do more than the suggestions on this page. No matter what it is, ensure that it involves making your young one feel loved.

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