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Ways to Prevent Diabetes Complications

Updated on May 3, 2014

Diabetes is a major health problem that once a person develops it, the disease will stay with that person forever. This disease just never heals and the worse part of it is that it can lead to many complications. However, with proper control and management of the disease, the sufferer could stave off these complications.

Factors That Increase the Risks of Diabetes Complications

Before a person can begin managing diabetes, it must first be known what the risks are, that complicate the disease further.

  • Persistently having a high blood sugar level can result in damage of the internal organs and tissues.
  • Persistently having a high blood pressure. When high blood pressure is left untreated, it can damage heart, blood vessels and kidneys. Moreover, a persistent high blood pressure blocks arteries and therefore reduces blood flow that can cause heart attack and stroke.
  • A diet that is constantly high in cholesterol, carbohydrates, and triglycerides can contribute to the rise in blood pressure and blood sugar. Having high blood cholesterol and fats in the body can accelerate the buildup of fats in the arteries which can cause heart attack and stroke.
  • The person’s genetics is a huge factor in many of the diabetes complications. For example, if he belongs to a family that has a history of kidney problems, he will surely be more prone to kidney disease that is caused by his diabetes.
  • The duration of diabetes. The longer a person has diabetes, the greater chance he has in suffering from its complications.
  • Regular and excessive alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol intake is known to cause high blood pressure and nerve damage.
  • Smoking is known to cause the narrowing of blood vessels and constricting blood flow.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For, For People with Diabetes

Complications of Diabetes can cause serious disabilities to the person suffering from it. Therefore, the sufferer should not take the symptoms lightly as there is a greater chance for him to suffer from lifelong disabilities just because of negligence.

  • Vision problems can and may cause permanent blindness
  • Unexplained tiredness
  • Numbness in certain parts of the body especially the legs. This is a sign of nerve damage. Nerve damage can cause leg amputation.
  • Any sign of kidney problem. Kidney failure requires dialysis.
  • Chest pain
  • Cuts or sores that takes a long time to heal
  • Constant headache

Following the diabetes food pyramid can help a diabetic avoid complications.
Following the diabetes food pyramid can help a diabetic avoid complications.

Ways of Preventing Diabetes Complications

With proper care and management of diabetes, many complications can be significantly reduced. High blood sugar level is probably the most important factor to monitor to avoid diabetes complications. Almost all complications in diabetes stemmed from this one factor being ignored for a prolonged period of time. The person’s blood pressure should also be monitored carefully as it is another factor that causes diabetes complications. By just choosing the right foods to eat, it is possible to control blood sugar and blood pressure. Any improvement a person makes in terms of blood sugar level and blood pressure will also significantly reduce their risk of developing diabetes complications.

  • Constantly monitor and control blood sugar level
  • Constantly monitor and control blood pressure
  • Quit smoking as smoking can restrict blood flow to the cells in the body
  • Limit or avoid alcohol intake. Limiting or avoiding alcohol intake can help control high blood pressure and help prevent nerve damage.
  • Avoid a diet that is high in fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and triglycerides. Avoiding these nutrients in excess can help control blood sugar level and high blood pressure.
  • Avoid a diet that is high in salt
  • Choose a healthy diet. A healthy diet plan for diabetics can help control the blood sugar level and blood pressure which will reduce all complications that starts from diabetes. If it’s possible, consult a dietitian or a nutritionist for the proper diet for diabetics.
  • Stop overeating. Overeating can be detrimental to the sufferer’s health. As all the foods in the body increases, the body will have a hard time metabolizing them and converting them into energy. Incidentally, this is also one way of controlling the sufferer’s weight.
  • Losing weight and keeping a certain weight is said to be important if the sufferer is trying to avoid diabetes complications.
  • Get regular exercise. The good thing about exercise is that it can help stabilize blood sugar level and blood pressure.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water


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    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 4 years ago

      Hi Bigfeet, thanks for reading and for sharing additional info. :)

    • bigfeet profile image

      Marcus 4 years ago from California

      In regards to Type 1 Diabetes, I don't think or believe that food can be a cure. As for type 2 diabetes, a lot of it has to deal with genetics and a sedentary lifestyle.

    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 4 years ago

      Hi RTalloni, thanks for coming by. :)

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      It's good to be reminded to take care to avoid complications due to diabetes.

    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, Arun.

    • profile image

      Arun Pushker 5 years ago

      It's true that prevention is better than cure. I've consulted Dr. Singhal in India's holy city Haridwar, he told me about this wonderful tool where I can calculate the risk of diabetes occurring to me due to my genes. It's very simple to get your report generated online by giving some basic details. You may like it, visit