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Ways to Relax - Getting the Most from Laying in Bed

Updated on August 17, 2014

TEXAS - If you are really attempting to relax your body, there are some things you need to do in order to successfully make this happen. I know this may sound kind of comical to have an article about laying in bed. But I feel that this is an action often taken for granted. I feel mastering the art of laying in bed will give you better rest. And I also feel that by the time you are done reading this, that you will agree.

I, a master of relaxation, will go into the intriguing journey that will lead to guiding you into sleep effectively while laying in bed. There are things you should do before attempting to rest your body in bed. However, before you lay in bed, you first should assess and make sure that the bed you have is the right bed to help you achieve optimal results for resting your body.

What About Your Mattress

If your answer to any of the below questions is 'yes', then then chances of you having the right bed for achieving relaxation are really good. Ask yourself:

  • ‘Do I have a comfortable mattress?’
  • ‘Is the mattress a Sleep Number mattress?’
  • ‘Is the mattress a Tempur Pedic?’
  • 'Do I have a memory foam mattress?'

Keep these questions and your answers in mind as you continue to read this article.

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If you were not able to answer any of the questions above with a 'yes', then you may want to consider getting mattress locally or online that you can say 'yes' to -- for you. It could even be a memory foam mattress, topper or pillow to help you improve your moments laying in bed.

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Getting Started

Before we get into what is typically required to prepare for laying in bed, we will focus on a period of preparation that someone should consider before they actually get into bed. After all, laying in bed truly is a journey. Yes, I know that it might sound strange to hear or read someone say that laying in bed is a journey. However, I want to emphasize that we often take even the little things for granted; something so "small" as laying in bed. When you come to appreciate it, you will see what I mean when I say that laying in bed is truly an art-form and a journey of the mind, body and spirit.

Like any journey, you must prepare. So it makes perfect sense that you prepare for an intriguing journey for this as well.

Preparatory Tip 1 - Relaxing the Mind: Relaxing the mind is something you should consider before laying in bed. If you are accustomed to relaxing the mind (when it comes time to resting your body in bed) then this will be something you already do. And relaxation of the mind is essential to the process. If you do not think so, then when you lay down to rest, be sure to make sure you do so without relaxing your mind and let me how it goes for you.

Preparatory Tip 2 - Letting Go of Stress: Another important part for preparing to successfully execute laying in bed (that goes alongside relaxing the mind) involves letting go of stress. When you let go of stress, it allows you to be in the right mindset for all the preparations that are integral in order to achieve the ultimate objective of relaxation as a whole.

Preparatory Tip 3 - Focusing on Breathing: One of the biggest steps people overlook when it comes to laying in bed is ignoring the focus on breathing. If you do not practice focusing on breathing, it will be hard to maximize the benefits for laying in bed. We all practically breath on auto-pilot; it's completely without thought (like blinking). You see, we are not trying to achieve just the act of getting in the bed. But the goal is to get the most out of laying in bed. You want to have an almost spiritual experience each time you lay in bed. And focusing on breathing is vital to this process. That is how dependent success is on focusing on breathing for gaining the most effective experience with you and your bed.

You should want it so much that you say, ‘Hey, I want to get the most out of my moments in bed. And I want effective and refreshing rest on a daily basis.’ That is the first step; making the conscious decision and then executing it. However, in order to actually accomplish some success when it comes to laying in bed, you must prepare and allow yourself time to succeed with the preparations.

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