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Frugal Ways to Spring Clean Your Life for Health and Happiness!

Updated on November 13, 2016
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

At present, "spring cleaning" for me meant organization to my entire life – just like spring cleaning my house, I felt the need to overhaul everything to enjoy a happier and healthy life. When you find yourself face with mountains of problems and wondering how to go about dealing with all of the life’s issues; the big question is how to go about doing it?

Let's start with our working lives we have to decide to simplify it by reducing the work clutter. We can simplify our working lives by sweep away the many ‘little gigs’ to improve our states of mind mentality and concentrate on less but worthy projects. Afterward, Sing the praises to the start of a new you with a slight makeover in all extents of your life.

Excessive clutter is often a symptom that turns into stress and depression that is a disease that renders you to grow old fast. Nonetheless, whenever you take the time to spring clean and declutter your life, it marks the beginning of a life full of energy and vigor. I’d like to help you with some answers in hopes that you’ll be inspired to start decluttering immediately.

We all know that spring is the beginning of a season which is refreshing and pleasing. In the same fashion, if you spring clean your mind and soul, you will begin a life free of stress, worry, and depression. Life is the name of challenges that keep changing. However, you have to have a firm resolution to face such challenges and get over problems with rock firm determination and commitment. At the same time, you need to decide what is right, and what is wrong?

We all need to put ourselves to self-accountability so as to be able to amend ourselves in a positive way. There is always cause to the problem that comes our way. The best option for people is to evaluate the cause and feel the pulse that gives birth to such problems. And, once the cause is assessed and detected, it needs to be addressed and cured properly. People should apply a positive approach to face the new challenge. There is no room for a negative approach to finding a solution to a problem.

Negativity plays mayhem with our mental approach to combat and addresses pressing issues in our day to day life. It is necessary for you to be realistic and practical about taking concrete steps to fight evils and come up with new thoughts to fix your issues. Therefore, spring cleaning and decluttering prepare you with a new spirit to start a new life with peace and calm.

Bad habits give rise to several problems that people often confront in their everyday lives; the issue can be a minor problem to a greater one. These bad habits tend to become a harbinger of persistent mental disorder, which you fight with a skeptical mind, and this may result in total failure of human behavior. You have to replenish yourself with the tonic of a positive spirit. Hence, it becomes a natural bath that washes away impurities from your mind and soul.

Spring cleaning and decluttering provide a solution to this socially detrimental disorder as they help reform yourself and become the responsible citizen of the social circle you live in. Spring cleaning is the source of energy and potential that enable you to overcome your bad habits and negative approaches and give you enough strength start a new chapter of your life. Decluttering is the same beneficial for you as it prepares you to re-schedule your life with positivity and makes you enriched with concentration.

You can focus on your problems and address them with the adequate direction of your mind. Spring cleaning and decluttering purify your body and soul. These remedies are the best detoxifying agents for you that wash away all germs that are not only harmful to you, but for society as well.

How to Declutter your Life

  • Start by taking fifteen minutes each day to pick problems in your life to focus on each day.
  • Stop after fifteen minutes, don’t overdo it to cause stress, continue tomorrow for additional fifteen minutes, and so on, and deal with one small problem at a time.
  • Don’t stress over solving all your problems all at once. Keep it simple. You can always declutter your problems daily.
  • Ask for help especially if you have too much on your plate. Sometimes you just can’t do all that need to be done yourself, ask a trustworthy friend or family member for help, which will prevent stress and simplify your schedule.
  • Guard your time by knowing how to accept a commitment. Commit only to essential things and saying no to the non-essential stuff. This will assist you to declutter your day after all it is about reducing duties that are non-essential.
  • Sit down and make a list of what’s most important to you and declutter what not important. Also, simplify your day, and your online/computer life as well.
  • Eliminate toxic people from your life who tend to complicate your daily lives.

De-Clutter unnecessary things from your life

It is time for us to cut down our role and responsibilities towards making our commitments when we know that we will not be able to fulfill our promises. It is advisable to say only what we can materialize later on. We need to focus on our inner self to consider if we are in a state of mind to do certain things in our life. It is always welcoming if we meet the word of honor in time or else we do not feel hesitation face remorse that could become a negative aspect of our life. Therefore, sagacity demands that a peaceful mind is a must that can tailor to make timely decisions to make another feel like being entertained and fulfilled.

Organize your life

Life has become much faster and speedy in recent times. We should decide which things to do at their proper time. The rapid life has put the people in a state of hurry and worry; they get hurried and become worried. Just as stay-home-moms are found to be doubled with the responsibility of taking care of their kids and doing house chores at the same time leaving them confused to handle the situation wisely. Some retirees can also be quoted as saying that they are busier than when they were in the service.

Now they are taking care of so many things. This causes them to get stressed as they find it harder to cope with such scenes in their lifetime and become over-scheduled. Gone are the days when we had plenty of time to do a plethora of household chores. We had enough time to relax at the beach in the sun and enjoy. Our worries were smaller, and we were so much happier. We had sufficient time to do various things that were even not necessary.

Now as time has changed, we must re-visit our routine life and unburden ourselves so that we can do what is necessary and essential for us.

Stop the Auto "Yes."

Saying "yes" means you have the potential to do the thing asked. This is an entirely wrong conception. According to experts people become much optimistic about some particular task, but they cannot execute it fully, and it becomes a remorse for them. Rather, you can replace it by saying "Let me see if I can do it." This will bring a positive change in your life.

Final word, I know some people might think they don’t need to start spring cleaning their life, but really they do. Now is the perfect time to start decluttering your life so that you can begin life with a new beginning. If you declutter correctly, your mess of clutter life can be the beginning of your greatest opportunity to grow. Just like we spring clean every spring, we have to do the same in our everyday life to maintain a healthy life.

One of my favorite quote by Julia Cameron states, “When we remove the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and 'good, orderly direction' to enter.” I believe that quote to be true because whenever we clear away a big mess that consist of confusion it brings clarity and fill our life with happiness.

Do you agree everybody should be willing to spring clean and Declutter their life when needed?

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Spring Cleaning for Physical, spiritual, and mental well-being

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Declutter your life...decide ton choose quality over quantity

© 2015 Pam Morris


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