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Ways to Stay Germ-Free while at the Gym

Updated on April 23, 2015


Me and my Mom have recently been going to a public gym nearby where I live, a lot to get fit and healthy. My Mom, as well as all of the other employees at her job were checked for any sign of bacteria in their hands. The reason they were checked is because all of the employees touch and handle the fish-oil vitamins that they process everyday, so it is important that none of the workers have any serious bacteria in their hands that can negatively affect the vitamins that they work with everyday because those vitamins are always being sold in stores.

When they checked my Mom, she found out that she had a high number of gym bacteria in her hands so she was researching and found several ways to keep herself germ-free while being in the gym.

Going to the gym is fun and an enjoyable experience, but we also have to be aware that everyone uses the exercise machines, which in turn contain many germs that we cannot see. It is up to us to protect ourselves in the best way possible. Here are several things that you can do to keep yourself germ-free while at the gym.

1. Use Hand Sanitizing Gel

The public gym that I go to with my Mom does have hand sanitizing gel, so this is something I will start using. If your public gym has sanitizing gels make sure to use them as often as possible. Do not touch your face between sets because most colds are passed from hand-to-nose contact.

2. Drink from the Water Fountain Safely

There are many people that tend to put their whole mouth on the water fountain spout while drinking water. This is a sure way of leaving your germs and then for another person to get those germs, which can make the person get sick with the flu, and we surely do not want to get sick with the flu do we? The healthiest thing to do would be to either bring your own water bottle or not put your mouth on the water spout while drinking water. Me I always try not to put my mouth on the water spout, I just push the water fountain button more so that way the water goes a little bit more up; that way my mouth can only touch the water and be able to drink it.

3. Use your own Yoga Mat

I have used the yoga mats that my public gym has and it never crossed my mind before that those mats also contain millions of germs because you may never know how many people use them everyday. I only knew that they would have a stinky smell, not a bad smell, but a sort of a stinky odor, and some mats were even kind of full of dust because they are always placed on the floor and so the floor has a'lot of dust and germs.

It is important to always use a yoga or Pilates mat of your own, and try to wash it as often as possible because even if your the only person who uses it, germs can get in your mat, so to keep it germ-free and clean make sure to wash it.

4. Clean Equipment that you Use

Believe it or not, the equipment that you use often to do exercise contains bacteria and germs that stay trap in there just waiting for someone else to touch them. The only sure way to stay germ-free when using the public gym equipment is by wiping them out with Clorox wipes before and after using them. Doing this will ensure that no more germs and bacteria come in contact with you and other people that use them.

Ways to Stay Germ Free at the Gym


Overall I have mentioned only four ways to stay healthy and germ free while keeping yourself fit and active. There are also other things you can do that will also help you be germ free:

  • Make sure to always wash your weightlifting gloves, I do not use any gloves when I am lifting weights, but if you do, make sure that you wash them routinely with hot water and detergent. When wearing them do not touch your face since most of the germs and bacteria get trapped in the gloves. Studies have shown that bacteria can hold on to polyester, which is the material of choice for many weight lifting gloves.
  • Always place a towel on any of the equipment that you sit on.

Taking these precautions will ensure that you will be germ free and healthy.


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