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How to Tell Your Boyfriend That You're Pregnant

Updated on December 10, 2015

Telling your boyfriend that your pregnant is no easy task, even if you've been in a long term monogamous relationship

Society says that we're all supposed to follow certain social rules and get married first before having babies. However, this is a new day and age and things don't always happen as we would have planned. Here are some tips for helping you to tell your boyfriend that your pregnant in a way that will help you both settle in on the shock of an unplanned pregnancy...even if you're both happy about it.


1. Face to Face

Be sure to start the topic of your pregnancy in a face to face conversation. Tell your boyfriend that you're pregnant should NEVER be done over the phone or through a text message. This is a very fragile time for you both and deserves to be communicated through a personal conversation.


2. Be Prepared

Telling your boyfriend that your pregnant may not be easy for you, so prepare yourself first with what you want to say. Write it down on paper if that helps or recite it to a friend first. Get feedback so that you know what you're about to tell your boyfriend will come out in a calm and gentle manner.


3. This is Important

Sit your boyfriend down and explain that you'd like to talk to him about something very important. Tell him how much you love him and that you wish to share something special with him. If your relationship is not a good one, try to be less afraid by keeping the conversation as lighthearted as possible. This is not the worst thing that can happen in your life.


4. How Does He Feel

Gently tell your boyfriend that you're pregnant and you'd like to talk about how he feels about it. You may already know that you want to keep and raise the baby, but you need to allow your boyfriend to have some input too. Don't hastily interrupt his reaction by getting upset. He is probably going to be in shock. Just let the news settle in before rushing further into a talk about your plans.


5. Let Him Think

Let your boyfriend think about the fact that you just told him you're pregnant before you go telling him what you have planned. Be understanding and allow him to tell you what he wishes to do. You may find that you both love each other enough to raise the baby together, if not, talk about options and try to be open-minded. This is not to say that you have to do what he says, especially if you don't agree, but at least try to listen and hear him out.


6. Give Him Time

Give your boyfriend some time to think about the pregnancy while you do the same. Sometimes sitting on a situation for a few days can bring a new perspective. Suggest to your boyfriend that you both talk to others you are close to about the pregnancy and get input on what to do. Right now, you are just considering your options and helping each other to decide what is best for you, your boyfriend, and the baby.

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    • profile image

      sarah billingham 6 years ago

      yes i am peregent and i am only in yr7 and i have only just told him and he wasn't that up-set but he was shoked and this helpes me tell him thankes xx