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Ways to Control Your Depression

Updated on December 14, 2017


First things first. What is depression and how it occurs?

Depression is a state of mind in which a person feels constantly sad and low for a significant period of time for reasons such as past trauma, past abuse, failure, guilt, not getting any expected results of any work, bad relationships and even business losses.

There are many medications, therapies, and other counselling methods. But I will give you some tips to get over depression at a significant level based on my personal experiences. Lets begin

Listen to good music

Yes, music is an important tool for getting some bliss amidst adversity. Some of the good genres are pop, ska, reggae, alternative rock, blues, jazz and country music. Warning - Never listen to metal music because it is satanic and it glorifies violence, death and suicide. Listen to the music consisting acoustic instrument sounds such as acoustic guitar, grand piano, flute, harmonica and drums. Make sure the music breeds love and peace, not hate and violence because violent music always worsens the mental situation. You can listen to a certain rhythm depending on your mood. Fast music improves alertness, upbeat music ensures positivity and slow rhythm soothes your mind.

Give yourself some time for solace

Time is the ultimate healing factor. It is hard to accept but you will easily get to know it if you apply it. Use time as a friend to heal yourself because depression doesn't vanish in a single snap. It takes time to let go and move on, so be patient. Also try to be forgetting and forgiving. Remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Don't give up hope. Keep trying. Be persistent, persevering and always have faith. Every successful person has suffered and failed in past, you will never come across one who hasn't. Even scientists like Newton, Einstein and Tesla had some mental disorders. Use your pain as a fuel to succeed, which will make you happy.

Pick a hobby

Develop some interests that seem appealing to you. You can travel nice places, learn some skills, participate in sports, play a music instrument, join a club, read books, exercise and lot more. Enjoying your hobbies will give your mind satisfaction and relief from unnecessary stress. It is one of the primary mood boosters for your mind because it keeps you busy and you will be least bothered while pursuing it, therefore be happy.

Improve your knowledge

Knowledge is the key to enlightenment, because it gives you a sense of achievement. Collect as much knowledge as you can. Times may be fortunate or adverse but your knowledge is your greatest asset. Who knows, it may come handy to you some day. As you see, there is a very big difference between the teachings of schools and colleges and real life. So, keep exploring the subjects you wish to learn and stay updated with the events around you. Knowledge is the only key to solve problems, otherwise you will be stuck to them. Trust me, rewarding yourself for the knowledge you gain is very beneficial for your mental health. Consider reading the books of some famous motivational authors such as Rhonda Byrne, Tony Robbins, Genevieve Behrend, Florence Scovel Shinn etc.


Read any holy scripture

Reading religious scriptures help you maintain your relationship with god. You will always be motivated to perform your duty. Remember, people may turn against you but not god. You can read any religious books or scriptures you like. If you are a Christian, read The Holy Bible, if you are a Muslim, read Quran, if you are a Buddhist, consider Buddha's teachings or if you are a Hindu, read Upanishads, Vedas or The Bhagavad Gita. There are many devotion and spirituality books available in the market that may help you.

Maintain a good lifestyle

Getting depressed will make you unwilling to eat healthy and staying fit. But having a good and healthy lifestyle will help you to minimize your depression. Eat raw fruits, vegetables and quality food instead of fast food. Have cold showers for 20 - 30 seconds, they are energy-giving and stress-reducing and it gives you strong will power. Cold showers increase your oxygen intake and heart rate. They also improve your immune system and it is a proven fact that they help in relieving depression. Drink a lot of water and fruit juices and avoid any intoxicants like tobacco, drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse will never be beneficial. Having regular exercises will help you a lot as they improve your body's metabolism and hormone functions. Consider running, swimming, biking and Tai Chi.

Pursue your passions

Doing what you love will always make you feel happy. You won't be a slave to anything. This will make sure your physical and mental well being. Remember, do what you love, however, if you can't change things like some compromising circumstances, then love what you do. Doing jobs that you hate will always give you stress, and that's not what you want. Doing what you love maintain your immune system and free from diseases. This will boost your confidence and when you are confident, you seldom feel low. You will feel energetic.



Meditation not only relaxes your mind but also increases your brain functionality. There are many types of meditations such as yoga, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Om meditation, Chakra Meditation etc. Some well known benefits of meditation include decrease in anxiety, improved mental stability, happiness, peace of mind and increased serotonin that uplifts your mood.

Spend your time with nature as long as you can

If your surrounding environment is good, you will never get depressed. Go visit any park, look at beautiful sceneries, listen to the beautiful sound of birds, insects and waterfalls. Just breathe the most pleasing fresh air and you will feel powerful. Just feel the pleasure of the soothing environment, and meanwhile, simultaneously reducing stress, anger, fear and frustration. It also stimulates physical wellbeing such as good blood pressure rate, heart rate and reduction in muscle tension.


Be grateful to what god has provided you, your life would have been more miserable than you think. This is the easiest way to reduce stress and depression. You will feel more determined and optimistic. It helps you eliminate all bad emotions such as envy, dissatisfaction in life, frustration and regrets. With gratitude, you are always satisfied with your life and therefore be happy. It enhances your self-esteem, makes you less aggressive, improves your sleep pattern and can make you a mentally strong person.


Having a past life regression therapy will make sure your doubts, fears, laments and disbelief will be gone in such a way that you can't imagine. You can get consultations from your past life therapist. It may put some cash out from your pockets but it is worth it.

So these were my tips for controlling depression. If you have any confusion, please ask in the comments section below. I will try to answer your questions in my articles.

© 2017 Debashish Adhikary


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