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Ways-to-get-Motivated-to-Workout and Look Good

Updated on February 21, 2014

In order to achieve your fitness goals, whether it is to look better and stronger, to perform better in sports or to lose weight, you will need to stay motivated. Many people choose to give up after few months working out. Why? Probably because they do not see the results they desire. So, here are some tips to maintain your enthusiasm of working out.

You must set a realistic goal

Many people set unmeasurable and unrealistic goals and these make them give up easily when they do not see the results. For example, some hope to lose 30lbs in a month which is kind of impossible for most of the people. After a month, they realize they lose for only 5lbs; they will start losing hope and give up. So, do not set yourself an impossible mission. On the contrary, setting a measurable goal, such as increase your bench press weight by 40lbs at the end of the year will give you focus and it helps to achieve your goal.

Track your progress

Recording and keeping track of your training progress down on a paper will give you great motivation. I know it seems to be troublesome, but it helps. The good news is that you do not need to write down every single details of your workout session. Just record the sets, repetitions, and weights of the main exercises (deadlift, squat, bench press, clean and press etc.) that you have done in during your workout. Once you realize that you are not progressing, you can easily change the routine of your workout.

Change your routine

Once in a while, you should change the routine of your workout sessions. Make some simple changes. For example, the sets of every exercises, the repetitions or even the order of the exercises. Changing your routine benefits you in some ways. First, you will less likely to get bored with your workout sessions and give up. Change your routine when you feel like things are starting to get dull. Secondly, changing your routine stimulates your body in a different way and it will make you one step closer to your fitness goal!

Take a step back when necessary

I believe there will be a time when you feel like giving up workout during your journey in achieving your fitness goals. Ask yourself, why is it happening? Is it because you did not see the desired results? Or is it because you are doing things over and over again? Definitely there will be a reason why you are so unmotivated. Once you identify the root of your problem, you can start doing things about it. For instance, change your routine like the point stated above.


On days where you really do not feel like exercising, try this method: get off your couch, change into your workout gear, and do five minutes of your normal routine. Then, I guarantee most of the time you will want to continue and finish your full routine. However, if you still do not feel like continuing, take a step back and think of your problems.

Remember, reading this article would not make you 100% motivated for a long time; it is your mind that will.

Here is one motivational video for you


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