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Ways to get rid of Love Handles - Reducing Love Handles can be done in 5 easy steps

Updated on August 5, 2009

Troublesome Stomach Fat Undiscovered

Not all of us are so concerned about having ripped abs, some of us just look for a taunt stomach. Love handlescan be quite troublesome as many people have generous amounts of fat that hang out on the side of their hips. Some folks workout regularly but still struggle with removing this stingy fat. The main problem people face is not incorporating a great cardio routine prior to ding core exercises. By having this routine in place, your metabolism will go up, and extra fat will begin to be burned. This article will discuss different things you can do to get rid of and manage your love handles.

Bicycle Crunches

1. Lie on your back with one knee bent over stomach and the opposite knee should be straight with the leg a few inches off the ground

2. With both hands behind your head slightly raise head off ground

3. Take the elbow that diagonally across from the knee that’s bent and crunch so that the two can touch

4. Once the knee and elbow touch lean back toward the floor

5. As you lean back your bent knee should straighten out and the knee that was straight begins to bend

6. Repeat the same motion on the other side ( left to right)


Beginners: 15

Intermediate: 30

Advanced: 50

Do two sets of this exercise.

Twisted Leg Raises ( This exercise is done with a pull up bar or a in home pull up bar)

1. Grab onto bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder length

2. Make sure your knees are bent with feet off ground and raise knees then twist them to one side

3. Continue doing the same side

4. Once repetitions are complete, repeat to the other side.


Beginners: 5

Intermediate: 10

Advanced: 15

Do this exercise 3 times on each side

Love Handle Exercise Equipment on Amazon

Side Crunches

1. Lay down on you right side

2. Place hands behind you head.

3. Have both knees bent pointing away from you

4. Now you want to crunch yourself towards your left hip

5. Bring head back down to floor and repeat again

6. Do this exercise also on the left side with the same amount of repetitions


Beginner: 10


Advanced: 40

Do 2 sets of this exercise on each side of your body

Broomstick Bends ( This exercise is done with a broom or a towel)

1. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder length

2. Grab your broom, with hands a little wider than shoulder length

3. Raise broom above your head

4. Bend to the one side while keeping feet straight, go as far as you can go without straining yourself

5. Repeat movement to other side

6. Do this exercise slowly


Beginners: 15

Intermediate: 25

Advanced: 30

Your Diet, Possibly the most important factor with Reducing Love Handles

It should be known that your diet plays a major factor in reducing hip fat.

Just by altering your diet one can see major improvements in your strive to remain thin. We all know about fruit and vegetables but what about dairy products. Studies have shown that the intake of dairy products help eliminate abdominal fat. With the addition of the Diary Products and the consumption of six small meals a day this goes along way toward increase your metabolism and Reducing Love Handles.

With added persistence and consistant cardio, your goals can be achieved. Don’t hesitate start NOW.

What other exercises help get rid of Love Handles?

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    • illminatus profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I try and stay in the gym when possible. I incorporate several of those exercises in attempts to keep that flat stomach.

    • 4ever Mo profile image

      4ever Mo 

      9 years ago

      Great article. Just reminded me that i need to get busy and get rid of the handles. Is this your routine?


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