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Ways to help teen quit smoking

Updated on August 29, 2011

Teen smoking is one of the problems that have been increasing world wide which parent has to face each and every day. Many of the reason why teen start smoking; it is because of peer pressure, lack of parent attention, stress, depression, coping and many other more that we may not know.

  1. Set an example for teen- Setting an example for teen to stop smoking is by talking to them the risk of smoking. For instant, if you have a family member who died from lung disease due to the fact that he or she smokes, then you could use that as an example. Do some research and if you see a picture of a woman who has a hole in her throat, that could also help the teen understand the risk of smoking. Relationship can also help men or woman from smoking by saying, “If you truly love me and you care for our children health, I would suggest for you to please try to quit smoking.” I said this to my fiancé when we first started our relationship and he did quit smoking.
  2. Appeal to your teen vanity – Tell them how smelly it is when they smoke. When my fiancé smoke, he comes back inside to give me a kiss and a hug. I would push him away and tell how stink he is. This would work for teen as well. Tell them that it’s dirty, tell them that it’s smelly, tell them how it affects you and this would make them understand that the reason why he or she is not love by anyone is because he smokes or she smoke. Then this would give the teen a chance to stop smoking.
  3. Express your feeling- Express your true feeling about their smoking habit. What you don’t like about it and how worried you are or concern about their health if they continue smoking.
  4. Looking out for signs- This is very important part of getting your teen true attention. Going to their school counseling and ask to see how they been doing in class. Looking at their grades and their attitude. Is there attitude has been changing lately and try to find a reason why they are doing this? Peer pressure? Bullying? Depression? Stress? What?

There are more of other tips that you could help teen to stop smoking. Expressing your true feeling and talk about it is a way to really help your teen or anyone understand why they should quit smoking. Sometime it is hard and the best place so far is to find a therapy or buy a patch for them to put on if talking to them out of it doesn’t work.


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    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi Mrs. R,

      It took my fiance about a year to quit smoking. I was very abusive, I told him to quit or else I'll shove it in his mouth. Every he about to light, I took it away from him. It wasn't the best choice to help someone quit smoking but it did made my fiance quit smoking. :) thanks Mrs. R and Mr. R for dropping by!

    • profile image

      Mr. Mrs. R 6 years ago

      Many smoker try to quit but it is very hard to quit. My husband is a smoker and it took him about 3 years to finally quit smoking.

      Great hub!

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      I have friends whose a smoker and they tell me that it is very hard for them to quit smoking. Some people find it easy and some people find it hard.

    • profile image

      sinisa_sina 6 years ago

      I'm smoker to. And this is good way for start.

      But many of us smokers started very early in school. With our friends, or with urge to impress somebody. What was very stupid way, from my side.

      I had tried many times with many different products to quite smoking, and I had succeeded for months. But my friends were mostly smokers, so eventually I started again.

      I think that for quitting is needed will and strong commitment, nothing else. I have seen many pictures of continued smoking effect, but afterwards I light agin.

      Anyway. Good hub.