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Keys to Enhancing Mental Performance

Updated on July 9, 2018

Adversity necessary for growth

The human spirit can take some tough hits, temporarily knocking us off of our feet. Hurting us profoundly. Losing a family member, struggling financially, life can be very unpredictable. What happens to many of us is that we get stuck.

Many of us stop trying and give up on the things we want out of life. When you look at it, it's not a life well lived. You have to stride for something high. I always believed that without a purpose, you are already dead.


This is exactly what we need. It is the secret ingredient to mental performance. The magic happens when you get fed up and focus intensely on what you want out of life. Not knowing how you're going to get, you arrive where your visions and habits lead you. Just place one foot forward.

Learning how to fuel your life through the turbulence. You have to hold on. There is always something greater beyond. See it in your visions and work on it. Your job is to go out and find it. Find it within yourself.

Knowing we are going to die

Truth is we will all perish one day. The way you want to live should remain on top of the list. Do everything you want to do in life, tomorrow is never promised. This will help keep you going.


Our habits either keeps us thriving or sinks us deep into the ocean.....slowly These neurological patterns are hard to change. Incredibly our habits, and thoughts alter our bodies chemistry. If you don't learn to change your mental habits, then chances are you will remain stuck.

You need to develop the habits that will take you to the next level. Learn some power habits. Two good habits i have picked up is reading and writing. Good a strong weapon to your game.

I overheard a motivational speaker once say, "you must play offense in life". Develop the habits that help dominate your area of expertise. Learning how utilize creativity to provide the solution to the situation.

Aim to get back on track. The habits and discipline you need is critical.

A relentless mindset. It will take a different version of who you are today. Working to have a total A game towards life.


It improve your body and mind a great deal of focus has to be developed.You can't quit on your first, second or third tries. You have to give yourself that chance. Practice on getting stronger. Practice and become more mentally efficient.

Will Power

We have to develop will power in order to do some special things in life. We got to learn how to win the mental game more than we lose. And by far. We have to develop the mindset to WIN. Winning the mental game leads to making change happen. It is truly hard to name something worth fighting for, being easy. Win the battles by building your will power.


We all have our desires to have something or be someone. We want to become an entrepreneur, or own a beautiful home. Some of us want a family but our focus and intentions are not where it needs to be.

We lack the discipline and the focus necessary to make these things happen. But you can build that. Have the desire to be a better version of yourself. Work at it obsessively and you will have it.

Desire is a very powerful weapon. It creates drive in us. Now along with drive we need to aim our focus. On the things that are necessary to where you need to be

I find that if you have the desire to feed your brain with knowledge you can change the mind. Changing your mind will lead to productive and efficiency. Develop the desire to be a better performer.

By applying these strategies, you can learn how to get back up, improve productivity and move forward. Win the mental game. No matter how tough things can get. Be relentless about what you want.

5 strategies that will help improve mental performance

You have the thoughts already, our brains generate hundreds of thoughts a day. Here are five strategies I personally use, that has helped mental performance.

One of my methods I use to increase my performance and quality of work is decluttering my mind. Decluttering the mind by writing things down on paper. Writing things down on paper organizes your mind. Things become a bit more clear. I find it a powerful tool, you can use.

It helps reinforce good ideas, schedule goals throughout the day. Ideas with actions are valuable. It gives me a sense of control.

Books help neurological connections

My second method that helps me focus is reading. How does reading help you focus you may ask? It keeps me motivated, it inspires me and gives me more ideas. I find "self help books" super awesome. If people can see how powerful reading a book is, we would see more successful people. Reading books helps neurons fire in the brain. Literature creates mental images or thoughts that help inspire creativity and learning. "The strongest version of yourself"

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Coaching helps you focus

My third approach is monitoring my attitude by self-coaching. Having someone that is inspiring coach you is also an effective way to stay on top of your game. When I'm either at the gym or working on a project I talk to myself internally. One more rep come on! or I ask myself “what can I do right now that is going to help my life? It instantly works and it increases productivity. Give yourself some pep talks and see how that works for you.

Setting limits on your projects creates urgency

My fourth strategy is to set time limits on your projects. Setting goals as far as setting time limits creates urgency. The feeling that things need to get done, causes some good anxiety. My suggestion to you would be to cut the big projects into smaller ones. start with thoughts, put them on paper, break them down and move one step forward. Set small time limits on the more manageable assignments.

Using negativity to fuel your focus

My fifth and last strategy I use to improve mental performance is thinking about a situation in which caused significant negative emotions. I often think about someone that doubted me. It provides me instant fuel. " He said I can't make it, so now I have to be aggressive and make it happen" Proving someone wrong instantly provides me fuel that helps me focus.

An event that you can use to create positive aggression. It's is not about the event itself, it is your reaction to the event that makes the difference. No one knows this better than former NBA All Star Kevin Garnett. I caught an interview, in which he described negativity being his fuel.

Some people hated Kevin Garnett. Not only on the defensive end when he was trash talking, getting in your head but, also on the offensive end when he wanted to score at will. He was just not going to allow himself to be dominated. He was doing the dominating.

I find that thinking about some negative situations helps motivate me just as much as anything else. It is how you apply your emotions that plays a bigger role on the situation.

Continue to read, as it is one of the most powerful tools in the world. Write your thoughts and ideas down. You never know where it can lead you. Set time limits, to create a sense of urgency. Setting time limits can fuel your focus and overall production. Learn to use negativity to provide a higher intensity within yourself. Let it provide a load of energy to shift your focus.

Don't stop until you accomplish what you want out of life.

Use positive these 5 strategies

Get into the habit of reading. It is one of the most powerful tools in the world. Take advantage of your thoughts and ideas; can lead to some wonderful things. Write your thoughts down. Set time limits. Setting time limits can be a positive influence in your production. Use negativity for fuel. Apply positive action to negative events.

Don't stop until you feel fulfilled. Life is lived at the end of your comfort


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