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Is Fear Winning Over Sanity?

Updated on November 8, 2010

Happy or Sad?

It"s Our Choice
It"s Our Choice

Intelligence Protects, Fear Destroys

The Rally to Restore Sanity/and or Fear is over. In my opinion, it was a great success, because it not only brought together almost a quarter of a million reasonable people from all over the country, but sent a message to the rest of the world that we are losing our grip on sanity, we are losing our mind. Fear doesn’t have to be restored, because it’s stronger than ever and has a hair trigger all around the world. Our world is now more dangerous than it has ever been in human history; and so, more than ever, we need our whole mind to guide us though the maze of “road mines” that dot our path both personally and globally. Fortunately, we have a new mind with a special intelligence, that has been evolving with our changing world, that can do that for us, but we must know it’s there and learn how to use it.

In my Hubpage article, The Human Race Is Mentally Ill , I made the point and showed exactly why most humans are mentally ill, and it’s because we’ve lost the use of a major portion of our brain, the part that actually sees clearly what’s happening around us and can tell the difference between fear and danger. Danger is a real, pscyhological fear is not. Psychological fear, as we’ve often heard, is False Evidence Appearing Real. But, where does the false evidence come from? From our own mind, our own thoughts in the form of memories. Fear is nothing but thought. Recall the recent incident of the bombs place in cargo planes. In our present crazy world, there is a danger that bombs may be put in planes, because there are actually insane people wanting to kill innocent people. But, those particular bombs were really not bombs at all but devices used to test our security systems. So, nothing happened. But in the minds of most, the memory of bombs exploding all over the world and killing people everyday caused new fears. Being afraid serves no useful purpose, but causing fear is exactly what terrorists want, because fear disrupts our mind’s ability to protect us from danger and has absolutely no survival value for adult human beings. Unfortunately, our twenty-four-hour media cycle also has stimulating fear as one of its main goals. For those businesses, fear has a dollar value, because fear is an adrenaline addiction and stimulates viewers to tune in, which translates into higher ratings and higher advertising revenue. Unfortunately again, fear, in the form of untrue allegations, was used successfully as a deliberate strategy in the midterm elections. Whatever its source, fear blocks our intelligence and limits our ability to make intelligent choices that protect us at times of real danger.

Examples of a Special Intelligence that Protects Us

On September 11, 2001, a woman sat in a terminal in Logan Airport, Boston Massachusetts, as she did once a month on the same day, at the same time, waiting for her flight to L.A. for a business meeting. She glanced up to rest her eyes and saw a man leaning against a pillar. Suddenly, she got up, grabbed her things, quickly walked to the podium and changed her ticket to a later flight even though that would make her late for her meeting. Later, she said that she had a sharp pain in her gut that, from experience, she knew meant “danger.” She was not afraid, she said, but felt very clearly that she was not to get on that plane. That plane turned out to be one of the two that slammed into the World Trade Center Towers that day, and the man she saw was one of the hijackers. Her special intelligence saved her life. This is not your ordinary, rational intelligence, but a special intelligence that has been evolving throughout human history.

Here’s another perfect, real-life example of how this special intelligence overcame fear to save a life, and it’s how I personally know, beyond a doubt, that we have the intelligence we need to protect ourselves from danger. Nancy was dying of terminal cancer. Her doctors told her that there was nothing they could do for her, and that she should prepare to die. Did this cause fear? You betcha it did. But, there was still an intelligent part of her that managed to get through the static of the fear and got her to my seminar about Stress and What to Do About It. Somehow she recognized that the stress of the death sentence was the real danger; so, even though she was in great pain and was afraid her death was fast approaching, she got herself to the seminar and saved her life. Nancy and I, as her psychotherapist, discovered a special intelligence within her mind that knew exactly how to save her life and guided us on a five-year healing adventure that not only cured her illness but healed my life as well. In the thirty subsequent years, I’ve learned how to access and use this innate intelligence, that we all have, at will and how to teach others how to do the same. We desperately need it now to protect and guide us in this very dangerous world.

There is now a simple,free science-based technique that is able to change the neuron pathways in our brain permanently from noisy to quiet and from cloudy to clear, so that we can be aware of the special intelligence we all have that is waiting to guide us through all the dangers of our lives. Should I invest in this stock at this time? How can I find a new job? Is my child using drugs? Where is the safest place to live? Our special intelligence, inner genius actually, has all the answers we will ever need, in real time, as we move through our days. There is no reason to ever be afraid anymore, because we have a new mind with all the intelligence we need to protect and guide us.

If you’re looking for more information and guidance about how to use the power of a new mind you already have to evolve your life to a new level, click on my profile picture.

©2010, sgscalese


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    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 7 years ago

      What a great take on the subject.