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We Can Beat Diabetes

Updated on March 12, 2014

Information And Statistics

  • If you should visit the website of the International Diabetes Federation, you would see that their theme is 'Unite For Diabetes', as a result they place high emphasis on a strong and vibrant global thrust, to co-promote prevention and eradication campaigns against this dreaded disease. This organization has partnered with Governments and National agencies to address Epidemiology, and various platforms for Prevention.
  • The many areas that they have been able to address so far include but is not limited to: Sleep Apnoea and Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Risk Prediction, Diabetes prevention, and NCD Policy and Prevention. The latest statistics are quite alarming though, considering the many campaigns in place by several countries to encourage their populace to live healthy lifestyles. In the end the cost to some of these countries in health care and insurances are huge to say the least. More needs to be done however, but all sings are pointing in the direction of choices being made by people; some good, but most unhealthy in food and diet choices.
  • Presently the IDF has issued some figures of which I will share with you: it is predicted that by 2035 about 592 million people will have contracted diabetes, at the end of 2013 the figure was 382 million. The greatest number of people affected by the disease are in the 40 to 59 age bracket, 80% of people diagnosed with the disease live in low and middle-income countries, and the number of people infected with type 2 Diabetes is on the increase worldwide.
  • This is what it looks like per region: In Europe 55.4 million, in North America 37.4 million, in South East Asia 58.7 million, the United States alone has 26.5 million while the Russian Federation has 9.6 million. When one looks at the numbers per region, it is easy to identify where the changes and greater level of discipline needs to be introduced. We cannot and should not stand by while our friends, neighbors, and loved ones, remain potential victims to this scourge. We need to take a stand and make the necessary changes for a better and healthier lifestyle, in exercising, dieting, and adopting a better balance in general, based on information and education on this disease.
  • I spent two dreadful years with a loved one ravaged by this disease, and at one time I thought that I had contracted it as well, the symptoms I have learnt vary based on type, and treatment can also vary, but greater emphasis needs to be placed on prevention. In my desperate desire to help my companion, I had to educate myself on the disease, and familiarize myself with the many signs symptoms and medication. What we discovered over time, is that it was possible to beat this monster, by adopting a regimen of foods, exercise, and positive affirmations. You can't imagine my relief to know that we have conquered, and in this Hub I will attempt to shed some light on the types of Diabetes, the signs and symptoms, treatment and possible cures. This is in dedication to Antoinette, who after 12 years of overcoming remains alive and healthy; she is a survivor.
  • There are many online studies and books, videos; on the prevention and eradication of Diabetes, what is instructive is that one must first do a search to see if there is a trace of the disease in your family history. Secondly, the blood type you possess and your metabolism ratio, mixed with your blood sugar and pressure levels are vital in determining how to begin treating and dealing with any threat of the disease. If your family doctor does not have this information for you, then I suggest you get a clinical test done to see what your stats are like, additionally; ensure that you get a matching profile for your blood type just to see what foods are better suited to the upkeep and proper functioning of your body.
  • Understanding how your body functions and how it responds to various foods is important to the prevention and eradication plan, please be sure to be patient when doing your preliminary research, and choose only what will more than likely work for you.

Herbs,Spices, Fruits, and Nuts

These are now essential to your new diet and eating habits, ensure they are in adequate supply for your meals and cooking flavors.
These are now essential to your new diet and eating habits, ensure they are in adequate supply for your meals and cooking flavors.


I have spent nights and days dueling with defects and direct symptoms of what I learned to be type 1 Diabetes, there was the extreme thirst, irritability, hunger in rapid circles, low sex drive, and listlessness. My companion at the time was beginning to feel guilty as she was experiencing all of this, and we both had to make some adjustments. She got medication from the local health center, and at times I had to give her spoons of sugar; you always had to have something sweet around. Somehow we were not satisfied with the level of progress, and after several months of battling the disease, we decided to do some in depth study and find a way to beat it. Exercise now became the order of the day, and so our routine began with a five am walk to the nearby park where we would make several rounds before proceeding back home. Breakfast would consist of eggs and toast with freshly squeezed orange juice and two glasses of water, lunch would be mostly white boiled rice with broiled or stewed fish with spices and herbs, and dinner would consist mostly of scallop potatoes with corn and lots of diced vegetables. Water was always in big demand, and there would be the occasional chocolate bar (dark), and glass of wine (red).

It must be noted however that a two week period of green leafy vegetables in a soup form with onions, garlic, pumpkin, carrots, and dried toast (whole grain or rye), will serve quite well in detoxifying the blood; removing unwanted acids and bio chemicals. There are several versions of this soup, but the idea is to ensure that the body is cleansed, before embarking on a new diet, and exercise regime. I strongly recommend it; it works.

Eat Differently

Your diet must change to suit your blood type and metabolism, make the adjustments for a healthier lifestyle.
Your diet must change to suit your blood type and metabolism, make the adjustments for a healthier lifestyle.

Facts to Note

  1. Excessive Thirst: Quite a noticeable symptom; this happens when your body's ability to manage insulin is hampered or disturbed, as a result the kidneys are experiencing difficulties to filter glucose (blood sugar) into your blood. The kidneys will begin removing water from the blood to dilute the level of glucose needed, this process causes an overflow into the bladder and increases the discharge of urine, thereby resulting in excessive thirst to replace the fluids.
  2. Increased Desire To Eat: When the insulin in your body ceases to function as it should, a decrease in the body's energy level occurs as the cells are working harder to produce the vital supplement. They send a message to the brain, that they are in need of nourishment, the brain then triggers your desire to eat.
  3. Weight Increase: Indicative of type 2 Diabetes; when you have an increased desire to eat, the obvious outcome would be an increase in body weight.
  4. Weight Loss: Mostly seen in Type 1 Diabetes, as the body fails to produce insulin as it should, glucose to the cells is hampered, they will then seek other ways to get the energy and nutrients they need, and will begin to feed on body fat and muscle tissue thereby triggering the weight loss.
  5. Loss of Energy: Tiredness and listlessness will follow because the insulin level is either low or non existent, this lack of glucose causes the cells to be low in energy; the whole body is affected.
  6. Blurred Vision, an extended healing time for cuts and bruises, itchy skin, gum disease, erectile dysfunction in men, and vaginal and bladder infections in women, can occur, additionally tingling of nerve ends; mostly in fingers and toes.

Dark Chocolate

This is the most potent source of Flavonoids, and is highly recommended for daily use.
This is the most potent source of Flavonoids, and is highly recommended for daily use.

What Did You Do

Have you or a loved one suffered with Diabetes; how did you treat with it?

See results

Dietary Tips

  • The Journal of Nutrition has great suggestions based on clinical studies conducted, they suggest a regular and sustained diet of Dark Chocolate, berries, tea, red wine; that are supposed to be the stronger agents of Flavonoids. This in-grown secondary plant metabolite has the capacity to produce a varied range of pharmacological and biological activities, which in turn produces anti fungal, antiviral, anticancer, anti-allergic, and anti inflammatory properties.
  • Flavonoids can also be found in parsley, onions, cabbage, apricot, tomatoes, apples, blueberries, black beans, carrots, and whole grain nuts. These are highly recommended against type 2 Diabetes.
  • The best diet is one based on a high fiber intake, this works against diabetes and obesity, a glass of red wine before a meal can in essence increase digestion, this can result in an increase in the release of endorphins in the brain which can prevent depression, and other stress related ailments associated with diabetes.


Join a gym and get the program that is right for you, seek advice before embarking, it's part of the fight
Join a gym and get the program that is right for you, seek advice before embarking, it's part of the fight

Best Practices

  • Learn to know your body, and to recognize any change in your physical routines, early detection is better in administering preventative measures and programs.
  • Seek as much information from qualified and experienced sources on your specific challenge, research and read along with professional diagnosis.
  • Keep a diary of dates, blood sugar level, blood pressure level, and your weight over a period of time, get the proper ratio on your metabolism, it's key to your relief.
  • Search your family history, find out if genetically you maybe subject to a specific type of Diabetes.
  • Routines that are healthy are just that; stick to them no matter what, be the beneficiary of your program.
  • Join groups with people who have similar diabetic challenges and be open about what you experience, there maybe someone whom you can sync with.
  • Be hopeful and positive always, your mind has the power to produce and induce strong healing properties along with your program.
  • Face each day with a fresh initiative, yesterday's bad day is only one step closer to your best days, and they are always ahead.
  • Never be ashamed of your condition, accept reality and work with all you got to change the odds back in your favor.

Reality Vs Truth

The truth about diabetes is that it is a clinically debilitating disease that come with other medical complications, and has two basic types; 1 and 2.

Reality however dictates that we have the potential to beat this radical disease, and God in his Wisdom, has created a wonderful body that deserves the best of health, with nature who has built within it's sphere, the ingredients to help us. It is truly amazing that all the chemicals found in the human body, including H2O (water) and Fe (iron), can be found in many plants.

Chlorophyll is the green substance found in leaves, it absorbs sunlight, and uses the energy to transcend carbohydrates into CO2 and water (photosynthesis), this process sustains the life of all plants. Since animals and man obtain sustenance from the eating of plants (green leafy vegetables), it can be said that photosynthesis is also the source of our lives.

Chlorophyll is found in the chloroplasts of all plants, and makes them green, the structure of the chlorophyll molecule, resembles that of the heme group found in hemoglobin. The only difference is that the heme's central atom is iron Fe, and that of the chlorophyll is magnesium. This is no coincidence and if studied carefully, one can see that the only chemical missing from chlorophyll so that it can pass as blood, is iron.

Medicines that have the properties of chlorophyll and other plant based chemicals like flavonoids, are definitely going to have the greatest effect against the prevention and spread of diabetes, look for these ingredients in large sums, as they form the base of the anti inflammatory properties our body needs.

Patience is the key to any preventative or clinical program, one must exercise this virtue simply because it it prudent to understand what the process entails, and the stages that must be endured. We have what it takes to beat any disease, and sustain winning habits which can and will eventually lead to success, and the relief of good health and well being which we all deserve.

Health Benefits of Pitaya

The high amounts of unsaturated fats in relation to saturated fatty acids was associated with lower risk of coronary heart disease (Villalobos-Gutiérrez, 2012)

Due to its high levels of linoleic acid, pitaya seed oil may help relieve rough skin and maintain heath of the body’s protective barrier (Affrinet al., 2009).

The strong presence of antioxidants in pitaya may contribute to “prevent diabetes and cancer, neutralize toxic substances such as heavy metals and reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure” (Swarupcet al., 2009). This may be due to the following pitaya components: phenol, ascorbic acid, α tocopherol and anti-radical power.

Wichienchotet al. (2010) affirms that the oligosaccharides of pitaya showed additional properties such as reduced caloric intake, constipation treatment and insulinaemia

Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

This fruit has the properties which reduces cholesterol and fights against diabetes.
This fruit has the properties which reduces cholesterol and fights against diabetes. | Source

Your exercise choices

(click column header to sort results)
Contraindicated exercise  
Recommended exercise  
Cardio/Type 2 Exercise  
30 Mins. per day recommended
Prolonged walking
10,000 steps pr. day pedometer
Five Mile Walks
Step exercises
Arm & Chair Exercise
Strength and Resistance
Non Weight - Bearing Exercise
Group Exercise is preferred
It must be noted that any chore or duty which exerts perspiration on a sustained basis is considered as exercise, and can be beneficial. It is advisable that elderly people either take the five mile walks if they can sustain it, or get a hobby which

Reverse Diabetes

Vegetable Diet

This video seeks to address the wonderful qualities of vegetables, and especially the one which contain anti inflammatory, and alkaline properties. There are fifteen to be exact, and it offers one an option with regards to a change of diet, if the desire is to come of a meat or high protein diet. This offers several ways in which vegetables can be consumed so that it presents a variety of recipes, anyone can do them, and the benefits in fighting the disease are tremendous. Remember that the main emphasis and thrust here is on prevention, rather than dealing with the full blown disease, however if the stages can be diagnosed properly, then part of the information contained within can and will be of great assistance to anyone battling with the disease. One must be mindful of the fact that clinical research and studies, have been done at lengths to ensure that the proper information is documented, please watch the entire video; it's not long. There must be holistic efforts in the fight against Diabetes, therefore it is essential for one to know all that they can to assist in their personal relief and release from this scourge.


It must be noted that no one item of prevention or resistance is going to be enough in the fight against Diabetes, the more potent way is by a combination of measures to include but not exclusive to; diet, exercise, proper rest, change of lifestyle, commitment to a sustainable program, education, group exercise and therapy sessions. Many things can be learnt by group activities with regards to what works and what things are manageable, however individuality is always going to be of paramount importance, as no two cases will ever be the same.

With regards to medication, one must be aware of the many side effects associated with clinical drugs and the limitations that are often experienced by diabetic patients, a more holistic and organic approach is preferred, and alternative solutions are available on the web.

There are specific areas not covered in great detail, but information can be readily available for the following: Diabetes in pregnant Women. Diabetes in Children. Diabetes in Young Adults. Diabetes in Elderly Adults.

The key to success in every area is determination, commitment, and discipline with the mindset that you are going to beat this thing, despite what the odds may be, you must be determined to win; again and again.

Diabetes Mellitus

Berries for Dessert

These berries with whip cream and slices of pineapple can make a tasty and highly nutritious dessert.
These berries with whip cream and slices of pineapple can make a tasty and highly nutritious dessert.


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    • andyacharles profile imageAUTHOR

      Andy Anderson Charles 

      4 years ago from Fyzabad, Siparia Trinidad and Tobag.W.I.

      Very informative and effective advice!!

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      Funom Theophilus Makama 

      5 years ago from Europe

      So much hubs on diabetes today! This is simple wow! great hub... Hoping to read more creative contents from you. Well said and I just can't agree more.


    • andyacharles profile imageAUTHOR

      Andy Anderson Charles 

      5 years ago from Fyzabad, Siparia Trinidad and Tobag.W.I.

      Highly appreciated and thanks, Godspeed to you and your works.

    • married2medicine profile image

      Funom Theophilus Makama 

      5 years ago from Europe

      Fantastic... So so fantastic! Thanks for the amazing job!


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