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We Dont Have A Right To Call Anyone An Addict

Updated on June 13, 2016

How We See People Addicted To Drugs

Conclutions have been made and decisions have been taken.Books have been written and stories told on how to deal with the increase of addiction. But we really have understand who a person addicted to drugs is before we can solve anything.

We have to understand what makes one become addicted to drugs.

If we can understand these important facts, then we can better know how victims of drug addiction really feel.

Every time a topic about addiction is written, the general view of most, if not all, is that addicts are a species from another planet.

We feel they don't belong in our society, that their moral behaviour is rotten.

We feel that they deserve nothing less than total destruction from our society.

Is that the way you feel about people addicted to drugs?

If you haven't noticed yet I am not using the words 'addict' in my article.The reason for this is the basic fact that I personally don't believe that just because someone uses mind altering substances often, that person deserves to be branded a name.

The Problem

People addicted to drugs are often elieneted from the society.But are they really the culprits?

For example, just two centuries ago there were no records of people who abused drugs.

Some might argue that its because they din't have the methods and techniques that we have today to diagnose addicts.

I understand their point of view, but a closer look on how the so called 'addicts' are made reveals the much hidden truth we have all been denying through the ages: we make them.

A person becomes addicted only when he/she is isolated.As this may be controversial for some, the basic truth is that we actually create 'addicts.

We isolate ourselves from them.We call them names like 'addict' and so on in order to differentiate ourselves from them.We don't want to be like them.

We warn our kids not to play with their kids, because we dread at the slightest possibility that our kids could be just like them.In school we teach them myths about addiction, myths we have been tought since childhood.

For instance we were tought that drugs are addictive, a popular myth.

We make our kids curious enough and instead of preventing them we encourage their curiosity to try drug.

They become the same people in our society we call addicts.The cycle goes on and on becoming an uncontrollable situation by the day.

Mostly we don't realize the magnitude of the problem until its too late.Until our family members, our closest friends, the people we love the most and our neighbours become 'addicts'.Finally, we ourselves become 'addicts'.

Do we realize that we are the bigger addicts?

Addiction, as doctor Gabor Mate describes it, is temporary relief but with bad consequences. Look at what we have done to our planet.We have destroyed it, all in the name of technological advancement, to a point of no return.

Global warming becomes a bad consequence for the temporary technological relief we experienced.

We are the bigger 'addicts'.

These mere facts may seem controversial to some readers, but its the honest truth.


We cannot change the world unless we change ourselves first.We need to completely change our attitude towards drug addiction.

We need to change how we see people who are addicted to drugs.

The best and only way to stop the uncontrollable spread of addiction is to accept those whom we brand as addicts into our society.

In fact we should remove the word 'addicts' from our dictionaries.

The next time you find your kid playing with the 'addicts' child, encourage them.

Lets start teaching facts about addiction and stop the myths being tought in our schools, the same myths we were tought.Teaching such myths only diminish the little chance of success we have.

We have to look at addiction from a whole new perspective.

Making life difficult for addicted people will only worsen the situation we are in already.

Its high time we realized our mistakes and moved forward towards a drug free community.

As we understand more and more about addiction and how to stop it, new and innovative means will come up. But that will only happen when we open the boundaries we have built.

I chose not use pictures because I could find one that could fit in my article without being controversial about the subject of addiction.

Should the education about addiction be increased or reviewed?

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    • jobsmart profile image

      job 20 months ago

      For sure...

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 20 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting perspective.