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We Survived the Insane Inflatable 5K Race!

Updated on December 30, 2015

Highlights of my son and I having fun on the inflatables

My son and I participated in the Insane Inflatable 5K Race back in December 2015. This was only our second attempt at a ‘fun’ 5K (we participated in the Color Run which was a 5K back in October 2015). The cost was $65 per pop before taxes (and that’s because I found out the race and bought tickets the week of the race). Early pick up for racing packets was at Sports Authority at 4:00 the Friday before the race and I decided to purchase the tickets then. Of course I didn’t pay attention to the time slot and gave the Sports Authority employee a screwed up look when she said I’d have to come back at 4:00. I spent my entire lunch break driving through 12:00 traffic on a Friday to be told to come back – so you can see why my face went into automatic screwed up face mode lol But it wasn’t serious, and I caught myself, smiled and said I’ll see her in a few hours.

. . . a few hours later. . .

I returned at 4pm, not a long a line but not really a pretty set up either compared to the Color Run. But every great idea has to work its way up to the top right? The pick-up spot was toward the back of the store with two bland tables and a few volunteers. No banners screaming Insane Inflatable 5K or bright colored signs – just the tables and the volunteers. But the personality and generosity of the volunteers made up for the lack of decoration. One volunteer handed me a tablet and offered me a spot at the table to register. Registration didn’t take too long, just your usual social information, liability waiver, payment details and your selected wave time (run time). Each wave time showed the amount of spots left, I chose the time with the most spots left so we could take our time and goof off in inflatables (which we did – a lot of!). I was checked in after registration and handed our racing bib and wristband times – shirts are to be given at the end of the race. Say what? Who gives out shirts at the end of the race, the shirts are meant for us to race in. But then again, I did register late so I’m assuming that’s why I wasn’t offered our shirts on the spot.

Sorry about the crooked shot but I was soooo done with the race lol
Sorry about the crooked shot but I was soooo done with the race lol

Race day required a 45minute drive to a park with tons of open land, with no signs letting you know you were heading in the right direction until you reached the entrance of the park. I started questioning my GPS a few times, but she got us to where we needed to be. Parking was $5 with parking attendants, and it was maybe about a 2 to 3 minute walk from the parking area to the inflatables.

Because of the small amount of registrants during our wave time, our group was allowed to race early. By the time I checked in my clutch, our wave of registrants had already began which meant plenty of time for my son and me to play in the inflatables. I think every race doesn’t have the same setup because a few of our inflatable obstacles were different than the ones I’ve seen on Youtube and etc., but they were fun nevertheless!

We had seven obstacles to go through with ample walking between each and free water at the halfway mark. I’m not gonna lie – I had fun but good gawd got tired! I didn’t even run, I walked but the climbing, jumping, sliding and playing took a toll on me. There was the climbing up to go down the slides (which we slid right side up, upside down, on our stomachs, etc.), dodging the oversized balls we were running into each other, climbing through mazes, jumping up to get onto the inflatables, the racing through obstacles, and much more. This 5K (along with the Color Run) basically told me that I’m in good shape but not physically fit lol Lesson learned – I got it, I go it, and I’ll work on it . . . . after the holidays lol My favorite inflatable was the last one, which was a combination of a mini obstacle course ending with a very tall slide (I shoulda asked how many feet) and I felt every bit of it in my tummy as I slid down. It was awesome! After we crossed the finish line we were awarded our finisher’s medal, fresh shirts, a munchie and water bottle. There was an all-day pass option, which I may have my son and I opt in depending on my fitness level in 2016 lol. My 10 year old son had enough energy to do a round two so I definitely know he’ll make the most of an all-day pass.

I know now to look out for open registration in July to get a ticket price of $35 instead of $65 (and a possible Groupon to lower the price to $20), to pack a few munchies in my pockets (maybe some loose fruit in a small Ziploc bag), to pick an earlier wave time (some of the inflatables were kinda dirty from earlier waves) and to drink a cup of water at the halfway mark instead of grabbing a water bottle (because climbing up an inflatable with a camera in one hand and water bottle in the other is no joke honey!). Overall, it was a fun and fit activity that my son and I both enjoyed and all the volunteers were very encouraging, nice and funny! Hopefully it comes near you and you can experience it for yourself! And if you have participated in the 5k Insane Inflatable Run, share your experience in the comments below.

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