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We are all fake

Updated on September 25, 2017

Are we fake people?

We all have this social media interest where we share our personal infos,thoughts and interests and even check out on other people. Some people make their social media accounts as their journal/diary where they almost share all of the details and happenings in their lives. Some use this as communication and most of them built relationships only from social media without even meeting them in person. That's the power of social media. We can be whatever we want in here! We can cheat, we can fool others, we can scam, and we can always be fake. We all wanted to be liked, to be famous. We always think about what other people might say, so instead of being truthful to ourselves, we build stories about ourselves and post it on social media to gain likes or fame. We cannot put social media at the center of our lives. It will destroy you. I mean, we should think before we click! Real happiness is being true to ourselves without thinking what other people might say, feel free! Choose whats only worth it to post. Less posts, less issues & less bullshits. Stop being fake.


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