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We are ready for change like it or not

Updated on January 23, 2017
Light dawns at our most trying times
Light dawns at our most trying times | Source

Knowledge gained through a lifetime

Change is rarely easy and when your next meal, necessary medications or home depend on the status quo. Well, this can be a hill too steep to climb.

Many baby boomers and elders are skeptical. very concerned and down right afraid of what the next few years hold for them. We have lost our resillacents with the down-turn in our economy in the late 2000’s. Our retirement was deeply affected if not downright destroyed with the Stock Market, Housing and Auto failures. Although it has been some time, we still do not have a direction to follow in our lives. The markers on the wall are:

Social Security Benefits, as well as our medical care, is changing. A good share of us do not have a fallback plan since the housing market took all. Where do we turn?

Many will turn to religion or family or well there are infinite possibilities. Although the current climate in America may seem like an enormous ice storm, freezing us out, there is an alternate route. We have a resilient nature and have fought to determine our direction in our past. Today we will need to use knowledge gained throughout our lifetime.

Our generation grew up in a time of the establishment of Unions, watching our parents and building our lives from nothing. Today we need to draw on that experience and work with others in our same predicaments. We have always been able to draw on the strength of others. As event in history repeat our legacy may help our younger family members. The new generation depends on our cyber world for their future. The cyber world possibly is our salvation. However, we will need to work together. The past many years have established working to find our family roots as one of the most possible ways to keep family first. Our zeal is commendable and if read correctly may be the salvation of our generation. Let's take our experience gained through research and put it to good use. This tenacity is where we shine. Our families are our strongholds. And our belief in this country will carry us through.


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