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We are what we eat and drink

Updated on November 13, 2013

What we are with what we eat and what we drink?

How healthy can we really be by eating foods and drinking stuff we think is good for us?

If we start to remember and think about eons ago, there were even no cancer diseases. Why now that 3 out of 10 persons we know has either died of it, is currently suffering and battling from it, or just got on a remission? Why is it that it seems like it is a mushroom popping and coming out of nowhere? On top of that, an increase on several, different types of illnesses have been diagnosed.

These days, people are getting more and more aware of GMO’s, (Genetically-modified organisms). A genetically modified organism is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Scientists insert a gene from one organism into another to “improve” or change the organism. These GMO foods were found to have been sneaking into our diets since 1995. I read an aricle that tomatoes, as told were the first foods to be modified. They are modified to have a longer shelf life and so they will not freeze during cold seasons. Also, strawberries and many other fruits are modified to grow yearlong so they can be bought anytime of the year. Makes sense. In order to make crops have a longer life, they insert a special gene, called Bt- toxin so that crops are more resistant to pests. These were mostly used on corn and cotton plants.

Now, we ask ourselves: Are they a big contributing factor to all these diseases? Does this really have something to do with what we eat and what we drink? I'd say yes.

I know it will be a big leap for us to be more conscious on what food items to buy and keep checking every label on the shelf before we even decide to make that purchase. But hey, we all have to start from somewhere. Some might say it would be really difficult not to be able to buy stuff without some of the products that has GMO, but at least eliminating some of them from our lists and/or diet will help. Motivation will get you started and Habit will make you keep on going. Start from buying and eating organic fruits and veggies from your local farmers and it will come a long way. You will feel better and be glad, somehow you're able to help these small-business owners instead those big-chain grocery stores.

Eventhough long before, we were even told by our parents and grandparents that it’s always good to eat our greens to have long-life! :=)


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