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Wealth and Our Self Beliefs

Updated on August 23, 2017

Money and Your Thoughts

What is Wealth

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” - Henry David Thoreau

Wealth is not just measured in by net worth. Prosperity also relates to our relationships, how we feel about our professions, our health, and our finances. Our self beliefs dictate our thoughts and our actions and pave the way for the way we live our lives.

Money beliefs are connected to our self beliefs. In order to achieve financial success, it begins with having a healthy and comfortable relationship with money.

Wealth and What We Believe About Ourselves

We have the power to make change in our lives. Sigmund Freud understood the unconscious part of our mind holds immense power. This power comes in the form of our self beliefs. Self beliefs do not have to based on facts or truths. It is based on our interpretations of what we have seen, heard, taught, and absorbed from our environment.

Our money beliefs come from the messages we received growing up and to this day dictate our financial well being. Our beliefs may be self limiting and play a role in the choices we make and the things we do, which in turn define our lives. Once we understand our self beliefs and how they are limiting us, we often gain a freedom to achieve more in many ways. When our conscious mind becomes aware, we can choose to change what we want.

If you are having financial difficulties, maybe it is time to take a look at the mind blocks you may have that is limiting your financial flow. The very beliefs we internalized as a child, we project in our daily lives. Money beliefs are part of this.

Deep Rooted Blocks Are Stopping You

Our self beliefs hold us back from achieving what we deserve. When you overcome these hidden blocks, you will have achieved more than money, you will have achieved the personal self growth you have been looking for.

We all have different limiting beliefs. In addition to the values we learned about money and how we have internalized these beliefs, there are also self esteem issues. People feel undeserving of wealth. We all have our own “I am not good enough story”, and we let these play out in lost opportunities for happiness, security, personal gains, and many other ways of self satisfaction. Tony Robbins, believes the main reason we don’t experience wealth is because of the negative associations to having more money than we need.

It is very hard to identify these deep rooted blocks and imprinted beliefs from our early childhood. These beliefs reside in our unconscious mind. We sometimes don’t even know we are sabotaging ourselves until we have already done the damage. It takes time to find the source of our limiting self beliefs. Exploring these beliefs will help you reduce the resistance you have to achieving greater wealth, and open up opportunities you may never have even dreamed about. It is up to you to decide if these beliefs are valuable enough to keep holding onto. Are your self beliefs aligned with serving you well?

Free yourself from these deep rooted blocks

Change Your Thinking Change Your World

Our limiting self beliefs control some of our thoughts, and actions, in ways we are unaware. What we fear, we avoid. What we think, we believe. But if you change your thinking, you can change your world!

Most of our limiting beliefs come from our childhood. We came to conclusions based on generalizations, and our conclusions could be wrong. After all, we were very young when we formed them. Yet these thoughts and beliefs go mostly unchallenged, as though they are permanent fixtures. The greatest thing about us all, is that our mind is maleable. We can change the shape of our thoughts at any time, as long as we address those old self beliefs.

We can start to remove limiting beliefs by identifying it and acknowledging it. But that is only the start. We have conditioned ourselves to obey these beliefs.

With every change, we must learn something new.

It all starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts are tied to our self beliefs and how inherently feel about ourselves. If you want to get what you want, it starts with believing you deserve it. Building wealth is a job in itself. But if you don’t believe you can be, you cut off all of the creativity, opportunities, and possibilities, to make it happen.

Many people who have gained prosperity, have earned it one dollar at a time. Some of the solutions you seek are right in front of you, or within you, but you don’t see them. If your self beliefs are blocking your view, then it is time to take a look at your core beliefs and how they are hampering your success.

Our mind is very powerful, both on a conscious and unconscious level. Thinking on a conscious level about wanting something doesn’t help if your unconscious mind doesn’t want to do it. So to achieve the personal success you want, you need to make sure your unconscious thougts are in line with what you believe you desire.

When you have patterned your life to work and think in a certain way, it can be uncomfortable to do things differently. Ask yourself what feels comfortable to change, even though change itself is uncomfortable. Learn about yourself and what is preventing you from succeeding. Then take steps to go beyond the obstacles your thoughts have been putting in your way. It is the activities we do that make a difference. What are the activities you are doing.

Uncover Your Hidden Beliefs

A good way to uncover your hidden beliefs is to think about significant memories from your childhood about money.

Ask yourself what was valued?

If your family life did not enjoy spending money, no matter how much you had, that has an impact on your money beliefs. If there were disagreements over money, your self beliefs about money may be connected to negativity. Write down some words that define and describe your memories about environment and feelings associated with money. What did money mean within your childhood memories? If you can put together some associations, you will open some doors to your beliefs which are impacting you today.

Nuture Positive Self Beliefs

As you become self belief aware, reframe these limiting beliefs. This will help you form new consciously empowering money beliefs. Money is merely a tool. You can use it in constructive or destructive ways, based on your own thoughts.

Start by making a list of positive money beliefs. What can money do for you? Compare your new beliefs to your old beliefs and look at how your old financial beliefs block and limit you.

You have done the positive list correctly, if when you look at it, you see self growth. Do things, think things, read things, be around things, that support your new view so you will start to internalize these new self beliefs. Old self beliefs will resurface, after all they have been a part of you for a long time. When this happens, acknowledge them, and let your new beliefs logically counter them.

Then put your new positive ways of thinking into action by creating positive money experiences. The change you seek will not happen overnight. Your new beliefs with practice and proof will become a foundation that will gradually shift you towards your wants and needs.

With every change, we must learn something new

What Do You Believe About Wealth

If you believe you are prosperous, then you are. Most people have negative associations with money. People who are comfortable with their financial status believe poistive things about money.

  • They believe they deserve to prosper

  • They believe the universe is abundant

  • They believe their thoughts help them be prosperous

  • They believe money does not in and of itself buy pleasure

  • They believe money is the way we value it

  • They believe money needs attention

How to Feel Prosperous

Feeling prosperous has little to do with how much money you have. People who feel wealthy do not connect money with their own self worth. They keep their priorities in order, and don’t sacrifice their families and relationships to become wealthy.

If you want to stop your limiting beliefs about money

  • Substituting positive beliefs with the negative emotions you may be feeling.

  • Set up a strategy towards a compelling future through visualization

  • Make your activities match your desires

  • Use your energy to create opportunities

  • Stay focused on the outcome you seek

  • Look at your obstacles by reframing them

  • Empower yourself, encourage yourself and keep your perspective

  • Always move forward

  • Balance all things important - Money is not everything

Do You Feel Prosperous?

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Do you have self beliefs holding you back from achieving more?

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