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Wear Tanning Eye Wear to Protect your Eyes

Updated on December 15, 2011

With the greyness of Winter upon us, many of us will be looking to keep up our hard earned tan which we worked on during the Summer. Of course, it is impossible to do this outdoors, so en masse we will flock to the tanning salons. Although we all want to look good it is also important to remember the health aspects of using these salons and especially how important it is to wear the correct indoor tanning eye wear.

Goggles are often the preferred tanning eye wear
Goggles are often the preferred tanning eye wear

Short Term UV Rays Damage

If we fail to wear effective tanning eye wear, we risk damaging our eyesight. This damage is caused by the UV rays emanating from the tanning machines. These can not be blocked out just by closing our eyes or even wearing standard sunglasses.

Some of the short term symptoms caused by failing to wear protective tanning eye wear are perhaps not overly serious but are certainly irritating; these include puffiness and itching of the eyes and quite possibly watery eyes too. Of course, if you are simply relying on closing your eyes, there is a high risk of burning your eyelids which is pretty painful. A friend of mine who is absent minded says he simply uses a towel with which he covers his eyes; however there are two problems associated with doing this. Firstly, this will not block out the UV rays but simply diffuse them. The other of course is that you will look pretty silly with a partially tanned face!

Long Term UV Damage

These symptoms however are quite minor when compared to the long term damage which is caused by exposing your eyes to UV rays. These can include blurred vision and sometimes a temporary loss of vision altogether which is a very frightening and unnecessary experience. Longer term exposure to UV rays can also lead to serious problems such as conjunctivitis and cataracts. Whilst conjunctivitis can be cleared using prescription creams, cataracts can only be removed by surgery and by the accounts of my mother, this is a pretty painful operation too.

The most serious risk of all however is the increased risk of cancer of the eye which can be caused by long term exposure to UV rays. These risks can all be virtually eliminated by spending just a few dollars on some good quality tanning eye wear ensuring that you can top up your tan, safe in the knowledge that you are protecting your eyes correctly.


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