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Weight For It

Updated on February 1, 2015

Weight Management

Do people who lose weight through various weight loss methods use different behaviors to maintain their weight?

International Journal of Obesity, 22, 572-577.
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Liquid Formula users differed from the other two groups on many characteristics; they were more likely to be women, older, heavier, and to have had a medical disorder prior to weight loss. To maintain their weight loss, the Liquid Formula group reported greater use of dietary strategies (for example, counting calories, limiting the amount of calories from fat) and higher dietary restraint. Liquid Formula users reported that weight maintenance was more difficult than losing weight, whereas individuals who lost weight on their own reported the reverse. The On Own group reported expending a higher percentage of calories through strenuous activities such as running and weightlifting, and reported weighing themselves more frequently to maintain weight loss. Despite these behavioral differences, all three groups are maintaining their weight losses similarly by eating a low calorie diet (5792.3 kJ/d and 25% of daily calories from fat) and engaging in high levels of physical activity (11847.3 kJ/week).

Fruit or Vegetable?



The conclusion of the research findings is very interesting. This study was done 17 years ago, with a group of middle aged women, dealing with obesity. The information concluded that the two methods of weight loss did not have much differentials based on strategies to keep the weight off.

So once again, eating healthy foods,and exercise-stand the truth of time.

What Do You Think?

Do you think weight management is the key to long term weight loss?

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Aarrhhh! It's a salad, Matie!


Walk or Run?

Walk 20 minutes to live longer: Huge study reveals benefit of daily exercise (and how a lack of it kills twice as many people as obesity)
  • A lack of exercise kills twice as many people as obesity, researchers warn
  • The Cambridge University study found even modest activity prolongs life
  • Twenty minutes of walking a day cuts premature risk of death by a third

By Jenny Hope, Medical Correspondent for the Daily Mail

Published: 14:00 EST, 14 January 2015 | Updated: 04:20 EST, 15 January 2015

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Meet Your Goals


  • Walking is good for the heart.
  • Did you know, Optimists do live longer?
  • Weight management is a great goal for weight loss.

Here's to health...


Sum it up!

We all know that exercise and choosing the "right" foods is a health decision to maintain weight loss.

I want to encourage you to keep moving forward, in whatever your goals may be. It doesn't happen overnight, but, if your focus is not looking in the rear view mirror-the skies the limit!

Have questions?? Let me know...

Good Luck. High-Five!!


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