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Weight Gain Panic: Tips On How to Counteract This Predicament

Updated on May 18, 2012

You wake up, go through your morning constitutions and finally go to the scale. You look down at the numbers and let your eyes focus, fear begins to overcome you with the revelation that something isn't right. You've been working out and eating right for close to two months now, you've lost weight at a steady rate and you're starting to feel better about yourself. Yet even after all that work there is still the fear that you did something wrong during the week, I mean it's the only reason why the scale says what it does right? How else could you have gained two pounds?

I know what you're feeling at this point: depression and anger. You want to give in to temptation and gorge yourself until there's no going back. You want to eat whatever you want to make that loss of self-esteem fade away into the calories you intake. But here's the hard and cold truth: this happens all the time. Not as much as you think it does but this happens! Gaining back some of that unwanted weight happens to everybody whose ever been on a diet, and the hardest part of this is getting over the fact that you've gained weight. After all the work I've done over the years to live a healthier life I've still had moments where I've either been at a steady weight unable to lose any weight or have gained a few pounds. The reason for this is that our bodies tend to get used to the exercise we do and what we eat over a certain amount of time. The following is, once again, tips on how to handle how you're currently feeling on the situation of gaining weight and how to attack this problem head on.

Don't Panic!

The best thing you can do at times like these is not to panic. Don't freak out! This happens to the best of us, even for someone whose lost a lot of weight, this happens every now and then. This isn't uncommon and it happens to everybody. Heck if it doesn't happen to you then consider yourself lucky and let me know what you're doing! But all joking aside remind yourself of what you've already accomplished over the past several months of changing your lifestyle. Everything has its ups and downs especially with weight loss. Over my past two years of working at this I can almost predict when I will gain weight back, so don't feel bad about this.

When you've gotten into a steady rhythm your body gets used to things and this is the biggest sign there is to tell you that it's time to turn things up. This may mean that you've got to start recalculating how much you put in your portions for meals, how you workout during the week or even both. The best way to handle this is to keep your calm and not get upset about this for too long. Don't drag this stirring of bad feelings out or it will ruin your self-esteem. I have gotten very upset during these times in the past because of how good I've been during the week. The trick is to take this as it comes and run with the punches.

Go Over What You Did During the Week

Whenever I go through my weight gain ordeal I usually look over what I did during the week as well as what I ate. Sometimes it would be that I didn't exercise enough, or ate a bit more than I usually did. Look over what you did during the week that lead up to the morning you checked your weight, this can help you prepare and make a new plan on what your body really needs, both with food and exercise. It could be one thing you ate the day before you weighed in and sometimes that is exactly what it is. There are foods out there that tend to make your body seem heavier than what they really are, which you should in the future avoid the day before you weigh in. I've found that being careful about what you eat the day before can be very helpful in regaining that confidence you felt when you lost those first five pounds.

There may be other concerns that you ate too much one day and that could be the cause of this weight gain as well. I am a firm believer in spoiling yourself every once in a while. There are times when you crave for something that no other food can substitute, but if you do plan on having such foods remember to be careful. We're not here to go overboard or that scale will show even more of a weight gain the next time you check your weight.

Change Your Routine

The best way to counteract this wretched ordeal is to change that routine you've gotten so used to. Your body tends to get used things over a period of time and when things get a little too easy you need to change things up. It may seem hard, but things in life that are worth striving for aren't easy to obtain, especially when it comes to weight loss. Instead of walking now try running for a minute then walk for a minute. Guess what happens after that minute walk? You run again for another minute! Rinse and repeat. When that gets too easy you run for two minutes then walk for a minute. This routine helps and works to shed those unwanted pounds. Keep your walking breaks to a minute and increase those running times. Your body will soon thank you for straining it so much. After changing up that cardio try switching around the days you do your weight training. Instead of doing your arms on Monday, for instance, work on your abs and vice versa with everything else, heck even do a mix of everything one day. Little change ups like these will throw your body off its normal routine and you'll be back on track to losing weight in no time!

Besides changing your exercise routines also change up what you eat. Eating the same thing over and over tends to make your body used to the intake and refuse to lose the weight from your meals. Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to food and weight loss changing up your daily meals helps you lose those unwanted pounds. I used to eat a salad everyday for lunch and my body got used to that so now I still have my salad on occasion but have something else for lunch every other day I make sure I'm not having the same thing all the time. Besides having the same type of food can get very boring am I right? Try making something new for your meals. Try something you haven't had in a long time, nothing fatty but if you can fine tune those once fatty meals into something healthier by all means go for it.

Believe In Yourself

The best thing I can leave you with is to believe in yourself. Having a positive outlook on life can really help you especially when losing weight. Being happy gets those Endorphins running through your body, and makes you feel better. The happy you are the healthier you'll feel and the more you'll lose weight. There will be times when you've lost hope in what you're doing, but remember how much you've accomplished no matter how small it is, every step you take toward weight loss is a great accomplishment in itself! Everybody has their own pace and our bodies are completely different from each other. One method doesn't necessarily work on one person the way it does for someone else, so learn what helps your body lose weight and what doesn't.

Confidence is the key in any activity you go through, be it work, school, dieting, exercising or just living for that matter. Think those happy thoughts that get you through the day. There's no reason to get so dramatic over this, I should know, I've had my little spats with this more than I can recall, but the key is to believe that it will get better. If you believe then it will happen, because things do get better if you work at them. You can't just sit around and do nothing or else nothing will happen. The less you do, the less you're helping yourself. Be active, stay positive and keep up the great work. There isn't anything you can't accomplish if you put your mind to it. Remember that you're not alone and you can make this happen. Good luck and happy dieting!

Once again if anyone has any questions or inquiries, possible subjects they'd like to learn about let me know I am here to help.


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