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Weight Gain and Hypothyroidism

Updated on October 11, 2017

Have you ever wondered why you are gaining weight in spite of the fact that you do all the right things? You may well be suffering from hypothyroidism. It is not an uncommon affliction. The gain in weight is essentially because your body metabolism rate slows down. The body needs thyroid support in the form of hormones produced by this gland to regulate metabolism. When this hormone production is reduced, it results in the said affliction. Fortunately when detected it is easy to manage the condition by going in for a thyroid supplement.

Thyroid Hormones for Healthy Bones & Skin

Thyroid hormone is also essential for healthy bones and skin. Ailments like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are because of poor or brittle bones which could be because of low thyroid hormone levels in the body. When it comes to the skin a condition called myxedema which is a swelling on the surface of the skin is caused by poor production of the thyroid hormone. Skin could also become, pale, dry and itchy. Hypothyroidism supplements can prevent further deterioration of the bones and skin.

Recovery and further damage can be prevented by taking a natural thyroid supplement. Supplements rich in essential vitamins and organic products like Ashwagandha apart from the iodine supplement would be the best choice!


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