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Weight Goals and Life Goals

Updated on February 11, 2013

Weight control is more than just a battle of diet and exercise verse over eating and sloth. Weight control is a battle with how people live their lives. In approaching weight control it is necessary to look at more that diet plans and exercise; it is necessary to look at the cause of weight gain and the root of that cause. If possible find the root cause to the habits that lead to being overweight. According to the CDC 67% of Americans over the age of 20 is overweight or obese CDC Wed site. Being overweight or obese can lead to other health risk such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, liver disease, and osteoarthritis CDC website. Being overweight can also affect mood and general attitude. For some it can help to break down weight management issues into cause and effects. By defining the causes it is possible to replace these causes with healthier alternatives. Stress can lead to over eating; but what is causing the stress? By finding the root cause of stress in life it is possible to find away to cope with this stress. By using concepts such as critical thinking it is possible to work out a plan to help control weight.

Define causes.

The first step is to ask. What are the causes to being overweight? Like many other problems in life there can be more than one cause. These causes can have their own root cause. Boredom can lead to over eating, but why brings about this boredom? Stress can also lead to over eating. What is the root cause of the stress? By defining the root causes it is possible to eliminate or reorganize these causes. It is also necessary to define any limitations that can narrow any solutions. Medical and physical complications can limit the kind of diet and exercise that is possible. What role will the family play in this diet? Is the weight gain a medical problem? Is the weight gaining an after effect from a medical problem or treatment? Steroids given to a person with multiple sclerosis can cause weight gain.

Analyze Causes

Once any known causes find the relationship these causes have to each other. Family problems can lead to stress, which can lead to overeating and weight gain. A weight loss plan can help some lose weight but not keep it off. Exercise without a proper diet may not lead to weight loss. Does this mean a balance of the two is necessary? According to the American Heart Association fad diets do not work in the long run AHA Website. Are any of the medical and physical complications from being overweight? If so will these complications go away with the weight? Searching online as well as seeking medical, friend, and family advice can be helpful in finding the right diet; as well as what diets do not work. Is it necessary to join a gym?

Develop a Plan

With known causes and complications listed it is possible to make goals. Any goals should include diet, exercise, stress relief, and down time. These goals should include more than just diet; they should also include personal goals such as exercise. Walk a mile, learn to play tennis, win a one-on-one game of basketball; such goals can help keep focus on weight control and not just weight loss.

On some occasions a physical aliment like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or gout can be used as a solution. Many aliments come with a list of what foods can be eaten and what food to avoid. People with gout should avoid meat, Diabetics should avoid sweets. Heart attack and stroke victims should avoid fatty food and sodium. A specialized diet can take the guess work out of planning a diet. Websites devoted to these physical ailments can help find the best diet plan. These sites may also provide support beyond just diet.


When goals are set the next step is to put the plan into action. Any diet, exercise program, or life change needs a start. Alcoholics Anonymous says to take any goal should be taken one day at a time. Weight loss is not a battle it is more like a siege, a daily battle to keep on track and keep out the negative influences. Alcoholics are told to avoid people who encourage drinking.

Give Time

Life changes will not happen overnight. Like Alcoholism weight control will be a lifelong battle. Goals should be a way of life not a stopping point. Lose 10 pounds should evolve to keep 10 pounds off.

Evaluate Goals

With some time gone by it is possible to take stock in goals. Are my goals within reach? At this time goals can be adjusted, redefined, or eliminated. Some goals can be a good starting point but ultimately unreachable. A father my set a goal of out running his son. By evaluating goals makes is possible to set new goals. This will allow a weight control program to evolve as life does.

Life goals go hand-in-hand with weight management. Find the root to the cause. Develop a plan. Understand that weight loss is a long process. Developing a goal to just lose weight and not keep the weight off may fail. Managing weight can be a solution to the person who has trouble with the yo-yo effects of dieting. Lose weight on a diet; go off diet gain the weight back. Go back on diet and so on.

Which do you think is more important diet or lifestyle changes?

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