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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss: Different Exercises for Burning Your Fat Fast

Updated on January 5, 2016

People try to burn their fat using different techniques. However, the best of them is to consider weightlifting. Weight lifting can considerably burn your fat and helps you to lose your fat easily. The main focus is to boost your upper body power by integrating your main muscles.

Many people focus on the best way to start off their weight lifting exercises. It is always advised to start regular weightlifting exercise with small reps. You can start off with different exercises in order to lose your fat fast. Some of them are mentioned below:


Arm Curl-How to maintain your body posture:

In order to adopt the exact method, you need to start off with your regular arm curl exercise. You would require one dumbbell in each hand. You need to hold dumbbells in your hands and start your arm curl exercise by straightening your arms. Arms in a straight position will let you hold your dumbbell in a right position. Now, slowly grab the dumbbells tightly and curl your arms straight to your shoulder.

Remember! You need to be very slow in your very first rep, as you have to put as much pressure on your arms as you can. You can easily count 3 for moving your arms down and 3 for moving them back to your shoulders. Try to complete this exercise at least 15 times until you are completely bushed.

Shoulders Press-Right Body Posture Does Matter:

This specific exercise would help you to lose fat, if done in a right position. The best way to carry out this exercise is to make your palms facing out. Grab your dumbbells—one in each hand—and move your arm up. Your weights should be straight to your overhead. The exact posture of your body should be that you have to rise up on your toes and carry out this exercise. Count 3 for moving your arms up and 3 for moving them down and repeat this exercise exactly 15 times.


Triceps Press:

To get perfect results, you need to focus on more than one exercise per day in your workout sessions. Triceps press helps you to tighten your wings and boost up your triceps strength. The exact procedure of this exercise is to hold your dumbbells in your hands together. Now lift both your dumbbells—still in a combined position—and move it back of your head. Try to repeat this step slowly when coming back to the initiation point. Repeat this exercise by counting 4 when moving your hands up and then 5 when moving your hands down with both the dumbbells still in a combines situation. Repeat it 15 times and take a deep breath for at least 20-25 seconds.

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Ski Swing:

You ought to add this exercise up in your daily weightlifting workouts in order to burn your fat fast. To carry out ski swing, you have to grab again your dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing each other. When your weights are in front of you, try to bend your knees; however, when they are behind you, try to straighten your knees. Repeat this exercise also for at least 15 times without breaking the rhythm.

Proper workouts not only help you to lose weight, but also help you to shape your muscles and boost your upper body power. These exercises not only help you to burn your fat faster, but also increases your metabolism rate, which helps you to lose your weight even faster than any other technique. So, try to focus these exercises in your daily routine, and repeat each exercise about 4 to 5 times daily in order to get fine results.

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