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Weight Loss Activities For Lazy People

Updated on May 24, 2011

Too Much Of A Couch Potato? Try These Doable Exercise Schemes!

If you have been slacking off in your exercise activities and you keep on playing Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song in the background whilst staring at your ceiling, this hub is for you.

If I would have to choose the one thing that always gets in the way of successful weight loss programs, I would have to pick laziness. We always have those days when we are just not motivated to exercise.

I am guilty of that too. In between working out and watching television, the latter nearly always wins. Extra flabs and a few pounds of gained weight are just some of the results of my laziness.

I am sure you can relate to my story as well. I have to say that there really is no shortcut to losing a lot of weight. You have to really work hard for it. However, there are a few simple activities that can be done during those days when you are feeling a little lazy.

1. Bicycle method

While you are lying down and watching television, use that opportunity to try the bicycle method of exercise. Just envision yourself riding a bicycle. Put your hands beneath your head and raise your right leg. Now pedal as if you are really pedalling a bicycle. Alternate with your left leg.

This will help burn a few calories whilst lying down and will also help tone your abdominal muscles and your thighs.

2. Sitting method

Again while watching television, you can do this trick. Sit straight on a sturdy chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Carefully raise your right leg up. Slowly lower down your right leg and then raise your left leg. Alternately do this for a few minutes.

3. Dancing method

Good music can get you in the mood for a little exercise. Whenever I feel burned out, I always play upbeat music and I am immediately motivated to dance to the beat. At least 30 minutes of dancing can help burn a lot of calories.

Proper diet should be combined with these weight loss activities if you really want to get back into shape. Lessen your food portions and eat lots of fibrous foods. Also drink lots of water to squelch cravings.

Also check out How I Lost Weight In One Week Without Starving for more weight loss tips.


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