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Weight Loss Community - You Do Better With Friends

Updated on August 22, 2010

What is the definition of a friend ...?
Of course there are many answers to that and we have probably all an idea ...

I usually see a friend as a hand ....

A hand gently push you forward when you do not have the courage to go alone
A hand holding you gently back when you run too fast
A hand shakes when you need to wake up...
A hand that surrounds you when you need comfort and warmth
A hand holds you under your arms when you are about to fall
A hand that has the willingness to let you go when you need to be by your self

There are many occasions in life, big and small, when a helping hand is needed.
Occasions when you need to implement something that is hard and your own character or strength is not quite enough. One of these situations is to lose weight.
We look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that something must be done now. Time to seek change of life style, eating habits and increase physical shape. Many times easy to say, but oh so difficult to implement. This makes it easier if you have a friend who knows what it means to try to lose weight, a person who understands what you go through, which supports and helps you.

I've just joined a new Weight Loss Community on the Internet - "Speak about Weight", where I know that this help is available. So far, relatively few members, but a good atmosphere.
Here you will meet people who share the same goals as you, to lose weight. While they are interested in changing their own lives, they are also interested in you and yours.

Through forums and networks you will build your contacts and relationships. You get the support you need to make progress even on occasions when you doubt your performance and progress and... it's free to join.

So, if you want to lose weight but find it hard to do it alone check out this new
Weight Loss Forum -



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    • profile image

      Marvel Tenson 6 years ago

      I'll like this site...