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Weight Loss- Diet Clubs & Pills or Do-It-Yourself

Updated on July 21, 2011

Obesity has become a major problem in the so called developed world which, at the time of writing ,seems almost an insult to the people of East Africa where a famine has been declared. Modern lifestyle combined with a diet high in sugar and fat and the ready availability of all kinds of fast food and the explosion in computer games and gadgets has contributed to the present situation of increasing obesity.

Diet clubs and associations with weekly meetings and weigh -ins are springing up in cities,towns and villages everywhere and newspapers and magazines run ads for the latest fat buster pills often at a very hefty price.. We are cajoled into thinking that if we take a 'magic' pill before we eat we will lose weight and yet we seem to think that is all it takes. Of course clubs and weekly meetings form a focal point for their members and it becomes a social occasion and provides some moral support . The only way to lose weight is with ELMM-Eat less, move more.

Weight loss can be achieved through the D-I-Y method. It takes honesty and courage to start with, to be honest with oneself and acknowledge the weight you are and then the step that I found was most empowering - GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LOSE WEIGHT!! Do not look at it as being on a diet - you can eat anything you want - the trick is portion control, regular small meals and asking yourself if you really need that extra slice of toast or those biscuits with the elevenses. Healthy eating plans are freely available on the internet and most health centres have FREE information on diets and the right foods etc - make use of them.There is no need to buy expensive food and ready meals which are targeted at dieters-be sensible, read the contents labels to see how much sugar and salt the product contains and then you can make an informed choice.

Exercise does NOT have to be at the gym. Be inventive but be sensible and use your imagination - walking upstairs 6 times will rasie your heart rate, put some effort into sweeping the yard and path and get yourself a pedometer. They are inexpensive and you will soon realise how much or how little you walk in a day.and aim to increase it weekly and when you feel ready incorporate a hill or two into your walk but above all add perseverance to the the 3 Ps of Permission, Portion Cntrol and Pedometer and do it for yourself


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