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Weight Loss Diet For The Paleo Lover

Updated on May 1, 2012

Caveman Diet? What In The World Is That

We've all heard of the so-called caveman diets but what are they really all about? Can one lose weight on these diets? This article will explain the basic tenants of the Paleo and Primal diets and how to use them for good health and weight loss.

The basic idea behind both diets is that man developed physiologically for thousands of years before agriculture and our bodies are more capable of metabolizing the types of foods that were available to hunters and gatherers. There is a lot of evidence that since agriculture came along, man has relied too heavily on carbohydrates as a food source, causing digestive problems, sugar regulation issues and weight gain. These diets seek to recreate the natural diet of ancient man as closely as possible in order to avoid or reverse the weight gain and digestive problems we see today.

So, what foods do they allow? Meat is the major source of protein in the Paleo and Primal diets. Specifically, grass fed, organic and unprocessed meats are preferred. Beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb fish and any other meats are eaten daily. Non starchy and low sugar vegetables such as green leafy veggies, any type of squash, broccoli, cauliflower and root vegetable like sweet potatoes to name a few. Limited fruits are allowed, again only the lower sugar fruits are recommended if one wants to lose weight.

Losing Weight On Paleo


Paleo Diet = Caveman Diet

What about fats? Saturated fats are recommended including real butter, olive oil and bacon grease. There is more and more evidence every day that low fat diets actually cause the body to retain as much fat as possible and although weight loss does occur on a low fat diet, much of the weight is water weight and muscle mass.

The Paleo and Primal diets do not limit fat intake initially, that is. In fact, there is no calorie counting or portion control at all. The idea is that when you eat a diet high in satisfying protein, fat and high quality, low sugar vegetables you will self regulate your portions because you will not be hungry. Eat as much as you want of these foods and then if you find you have not lost weight after a length of time you can cut down on some of the fats until you begin to lose weight. Once you have reached your desired weight you begin to add more fats until you find your level.

Fruits are also a big part of a Paleo primal diet, especially the unique and fat-boosting ones such as the african mango. Consuming african mango plus other fruits will most definitely give the needed water and fiber for losing weight, but be sure you are not allergic to african mango side effects before you incorporate it into your paleo diet.

It's that simple. The Paleolithic and Primal diets have been developed to replicate the kind of diet that man ate prior to agriculture. Our digestive system is designed for the food we ate over the thousands of years before we grew our own foods. Sugars and carbohydrates are pointed to as problem foods that cause ill health and weight gain. By eliminating most of those foods one can restore health and regulate weight while eating wholesome nutrient rich meats, vegetables, fats and fruits. So, now that you know the basics you can use the Paleo or Primal diet to lose and maintain your desired weight.


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    • GDRshop profile image

      GDRshop 4 years ago

      Thanks jravity!

    • jravity1 profile image

      jravity1 5 years ago from bellevue, MI

      This diet should be atleast looked at by everyone. It makes absolute sense to me and if you read enough on, it should to you as well. Thanks for this informative hub.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      My husband has been looking for a weight loss plan, and I think he could actually manage this one. We'll look into it further. Thanks so much for a well-written explanation of the paleo diet.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Really nice article and presentation!

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 6 years ago from Bangkok

      Oh wow! Voted up, useful and shared.

      I maintain my weight by mere exercise and moderate eating. Works very well.


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