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Should I Toss My Skinny Clothes Or Save Them?

Updated on July 31, 2013

Do Skinny Jeans Help You Lose?

Weight Loss Inspiration

As hard as it seems, you have to toss all of you skinny clothes to even get started losing weight. First of all they make you look fat! They're too small. Get rid of them. All they do is make you feel like you've got so far to go you'll never make it. If they're not there, you could lose some weight and feel good about it. It doesn't matter what size you fit into now or what size you fit into after losing a few pounds. What matters is that you've lost. You've lost something. It does not have to be the amount, that you would have had to lose, to fit in those small clothes. It can be a pound or two. It doesn't matter. You'll be on your way and you can celebrate every step.

Thinking that you have to get to a certain size is crazy. Think how hard it is to lose in the first place. Why should there be a slot we have to fit into, to call our journeys successful? Why shouldn't we just be happy to be in better shape and leave it at that? Look at Coco on "Ice Loves Coco." She is short (5'2") but, she is full figured. What's wrong with this picture? Why can't we be firm, shapely versions of the current models out there? Why isn't that okay?

We have to accept the fact that there will always be people thinner than us, and heavier than us, no matter what weight we're at. So the thing to do is, to go by your own standard of what's right for you. Maybe for you, ten or twenty pounds is enough. If it is, stop there. Don't keep obsessing about it. Be happy with where you feel comfortable. Make that your goal instead of some diet craze or book that's just surfaced.

Realize that no one likes to see someone who looks like they haven't eaten a meal in a month. That isn't what we need for inspiration. We just need to feel that our "right size" is right for us and no one else. We need to spend some time being happy instead of constantly seeking and insurmountable goal, like fitting into the skinniest of clothes.


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    • RealityTalk profile image

      RealityTalk 4 years ago from Planet Earth

      I agree there is too much attention & anxiety about weight. Men think about it too, but it can be an obsession with women. I am not allowed to look at the scale when my wife steps on it. I could care less if people know my weight. I never question my wife about her weight. I love her for what she is and what she does, not for what she weighs. So she has gained a few pounds, it is just all the more to love.

      I never liked skinny jeans on anyone. They make a person look like they are trying to be thinner than they are; like they are trying too hard. Anyone but kids in skinny jeans makes me think that person is trying to appear younger than they really are. And, the few people that can fit into skinny jeans probably should eat a little more.

      We are all born different sizes, different heights, different weights and different shapes. Who cares what the other guy or gal looks like. And does anyone really care? It is all about worrying whether we look better than the next person, and that should not be how we think. As long as we can be happy with ourselves, it does not matter what anyone else looks like. We are what we are and if we embrace ourselves as we are we all will be a lot happier. I say "no" to skinny jeans.