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Weight Loss Hints and Tips

Updated on January 9, 2018

A comprehensive goal is set to ensure you are working to exactly what you want. Decisive action that you are happy to take over the coming days and weeks will be agreed upon.

My experience has led me to these top tips for safe and sustainable weight loss. Pick your favorite ones and put them into practice now. There is no time like right now!



If the word ‘exercise’ has bad associations with you, think of a more suitable word you are comfortable with. Some people prefer ‘movement’, ‘me time’, ‘a work out’, ‘therapy!’ etc. Be inventive. Incorporate this word into your daily routine.

Make time for ‘exercise’. A 5 minute walk once a week will more than likely not be enough to create and maintain a healthy weight. A guideline of approx 30 minutes a day of moderate ‘exercise’ is good. This will mean making time each day for this activity.

‘Exercise’ does not necessarily mean, going to the gym and being put in an intimidating crowd. It can mean walking with your children by the lake, taking the dog for a jog, biking to the shop instead of driving. The choice is yours. Be inventive.


Only eat when you are hungry. Humans have created so many reasons to eat. They range from boredom eating to self-punishment and a huge list of more. When you get an urge to eat, ask yourself if you are eating because you are hungry or for another reason. Ask yourself what that reason is and think of a more constructive remedy. If you are hungry, eat.

Stop when you are full. Over eating is common. We suggest you create an internal, mental gauge that tells you when you are comfortably full – not completely full. When you reach this, stop. Note the feeling and ‘record’ it.

Eat in a calm environment. This will relax you, allow you to enjoy your meal and savour the flavours. It can help satisfy your need to ‘feel good’ using food, which we believe is a positive thing. Eating fast doesn’t give the mind the chance to feel good so you eat more in order to achieve it.


This is a key factor in maintaining weight loss. We suggest you write down all the negative consequences of carrying on as you are currently doing so. Think of your health, relationships, confidence etc. Now think of all the reason to create the positive changes in your life that you really deserve. Note how you feel.

Ask yourself how motivated you are out of 10. Now ask yourself what would make the score increase by 1 mark. Now go about doing that activity right now.

Many people stop making progress when an obstacle arises. Motivation rapidly decreases. We can assure you one thing… obstacles will arise. We believe they are normal and functional. From them you can progress further than before. Let the obstacle arise and analyse it. Allow your mind to generate a creative, safe way to overcome the obstacle. Importantly, put in place any ideas you think will help.

Accept that your motivation will drop and change. It is normal. The key is to be able to control it.



Be honest with yourself. Avoid telling yourself you were ‘good’ today if you weren’t. If you haven’t achieved what you wanted this week or month, that’s OK. It is not a reason to stop your healthy lifestyle. It is a reason to continue. If you continue by slowly making the necessary changes, you will succeed with your weight loss goals.

Be honest with yourself. If you are wanting to lose weight because you think someone else wants you to, the chances are it will not be a positive experience. Either any weight loss will not last or you will resent the two words ‘weight loss’. Make changes if you believe that there is another you inside waiting to be revealed.

Be honest with yourself. Do you really believe it is possible to lose weight? If not, that is OK. Your mind may well have a threshold to what it perceives is possible. Go to that part of your mind and check what changes in the threshold it is happy to take. Note what you now think and feel.


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