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Weight Loss Motivation Ideas and Tips

Updated on March 2, 2013
Don't let the scale beat you
Don't let the scale beat you | Source

Why did you Decide to Lose Weight?

If you are looking for the right kind of weight loss motivation for you, you need to ask yourself one question. What made you decide to lose weight in the first place? People decide to lose weight for so many different reasons. Your specific reason is what you need to fuel your motivation.

Some typical reasons people decide to lose weight are:

  • To be more attractive
  • For improve their health
  • To be around longer for their children
  • To compete in an event like a marathon, bodybuilding competition, beauty pageant, etc.
  • To wear cuter clothes
  • To make more money or get a better job
  • To improve overall well being

Meditation can help motivate you
Meditation can help motivate you | Source

Visualize the Future

Picture yourself the way you want to be. Whatever the end result is that you want to achieve, act it out in your mind. If you can see yourself as what you want to be, you will be more likely to believe it is possible.

Visualize the Past

Get a picture in your mind of you at your worst. Use the negative image to help you never go back to that place or person. Resolve to never look, feel or act like that ever again. If you were once at the top of your game and desire to go back to that, picture it too. Remember what it felt like to be that person.

Put Motivators Everywhere

Find pictures, quotes, posters etc. and put them all over the place. Put them on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, in your car, or at your desk at work. Anywhere that you are going to be tempted or where you spend the most time. And, change them out every now and then since these things may lose their motivational properties after you have stared at them for weeks.

Get a Partner in Crime

Having a friend, family member, co-worker or even a stranger with the same goals as you can keep you motivated. Find someone who is on a weight loss quest similar to your own. Maybe even someone who is a little ahead of you in the game. You can draw inspiration and accountability from having a partner in your endeavors.

Find a Role Model

Find someone who has been there and done that. Look at where they started and where they are now. I tend to watch "The Biggest Loser" (which just started a new season) to keep myself motivated. I even end up doing push up, sit ups and jumping jacks while watching the show. Your role model can be someone you know, a stranger or a celebrity. It doesn't matter who you choose as long as they get you motivated. Talk to them if you can and share your goals with them. Your role model may be able to give you some great advice too!

Buy Yourself a Scale

Ozeri Gen II Digital Bath Scale with Body Weight (440 lbs), Fat, Hydration and Auto Recognition Technology
Ozeri Gen II Digital Bath Scale with Body Weight (440 lbs), Fat, Hydration and Auto Recognition Technology
If you have weight loss goals, you need to be able to track your progress with a scale.

Make Specific Goals

Of course, your goal is to lose weight. But, how much weight? Find out what is healthy for you and choose an ultimate goal in that range. You need to have a long term goal, for example losing 100 pounds. But you also need short term goals like, 20 pounds, fitting into a size 10, not having to take diabetes medication, or being able to run a mile. All of these short term goals should be possible to accomplish on your way to your ultimate goal.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Each of the goals you have made should be on a time line. For example, if my goal were to run a marathon, I'm not going to really be motivated to work hard at it if I have all the time in the world to do it. You need to decide when you should complete your ultimate goal and each stepping stone goal. Make sure your goals are realistic for the time frame as well. Don't set a goal to lose 10 pounds in a week. It's not realistic or healthy for that matter. Most experts recommend not losing more than 2 pounds per week but it really depends on how much the person weighs. If you are heavier, you can set your goal higher than someone who is at a healthy weight already.

Fitness related rewards are great motivators.
Fitness related rewards are great motivators. | Source

Reward Yourself

For every goal you achieve, no matter how small, you should reward yourself for all your hard work. Since, your goal is to lose weight, do not reward yourself with things that are going to hinder your weight loss. Some reward ideas are getting a massage, buying new smaller size clothes, getting new running shoes, spending time with friends, getting your nails done, etc. Promise yourself that if you achieve "X" you will be rewarded with "Z".

Get Rid of Naysayers

Stay away from the people who bring you down. Unless you are the type of person who is motivated by negative comments, rid yourself or naysayers. Surround yourself with people in your life who support you and believe in your ability to accomplish your goals. These people will be a great source of encouragement along your journey.


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