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Weight Loss Improvements- 5 Differences After Losing 2 Stone

Updated on February 28, 2018
sparkleyfinger profile image

Lynsey is currently exploring her weight loss journey, and enjoys sharing tips and ideas along the way.

I have recently been following a low fat diet plan and thought it would be a good idea for other potential slimmers out there if I gave a breakdown of benefits at each milestone mark: 1stone (14lbs/ 6.3kg), 2 stone (28lbs/ 12.7kg) and so on.

While I am not saying that my particular diet plan is the route you have to go down, I am really just trying to show that you can see big results from a small loss. This surprised me as I always thought I would need to lose half of my body weight before I noticed any sort of improvements, but this is definitely not so.

While my weight loss journey has been continuing, it seemed that for a while I was taking the scenic route. At times, I was even revisiting the same places a few times! Now that I have managed to overcome that period of lost intentions, I am pleased to say that my total weight loss has now exceeded the 2 stone (28lbs) mark. As I write this I have actually lost 31lbs, which is a third of my total target- exciting times!

I have also lost more than 10% of my starting body weight- there are a lot of health benefits to be had from losing 10% of your body weight. Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and a lower chance of some cancers are some of the most notable health benefits. So understandably, I am feeling quite accomplished at achieving a healthy goal.

1- I Have Dropped A Size

While this wasn't exactly obvious to notice, I have definitely gotten smaller and I realise that I have dropped a clothes size. I say it was difficult to notice because while clothes were getting looser, I didn't revisit anything that was a size 18 as yet, so kept thinking that I still hadn't dropped a size. Little did I realise that I had actually stretched my old clothes up to about a size 22-24. So really, when I was getting into the "small" size 20s, they were just the size 20s that didn't grow in line with my waist! Overall, I have lost 25 inches over various parts of my body, and it really is noticeable with my wardrobe.

I have also managed to buy a few new tops and a skirt from Primark. That may not mean much to some of you, but Primark are known for their irregular and often small sizing. So If I can fit into their size 20, I am on my way to an 18.This is quite exciting for me, because I haven't worn a size 18 in years, and I'm sure that I am quite close to it now!

2- My Undies Are Comfier

I know this is getting a bit to the nitty gritty here, but any of you ladies who have experienced the torture of a bra that was too small will understand why I have mentioned it. My undies were one part of my wardrobe that I simply couldn't get any bigger. Ok well, I'm sure I could have, but not without quite a bit of effort on my part, and as I am quite lazy, I opted to try and stretch things with my mass. Didn't work too well, and usually ended in sore ribs!

Now that I have lost some weight, I am finding that bras are fitting much better- and in some cases I have had to get rid because they are too big! (Mixed feelings about that one, if I'm honest)

I can't wait to get down further, into some nice "normal" sizes and actually have a gorgeous collection of coordinated undies again! No more horrid generic t-shirt bras and pants that don't match!! Yaaaaay!

3- My Face Looks Different

It can be quite tricky to lose weight from your face, but I (and others) have noticed a big difference in mine. The shape of it, the reduction in the number of chins I have... you know, it all looks quite different. I like it!

When I look at my security pass for work I realise how far I have come, and I can only imagine how I will feel when I have completed my journey.

4- I'm Less Sweaty

This may not sound a particularly pleasant topic, but I am so much more comfortable now, and I don't sweat half as much as I used to. Not even after walking. Or rushing to the bus, or just because it's warm... or in the office, or because I'm wearing a certain fabric.. or just because i am carrying an extra 100lbs or so that is stressing my body just a tad.

This is a surprising effect and I didn't really link perspiration with weight but it does make sense when you think about it. It also means that i experience less chub rub. Oh yes. The firey thigh syndrome. Don't get me wrong- it hasn't relented completely and I would still never wear a skirt without tights in the fear that I may start a fire, but it isn't as rubby with tights or above the jeans or anything-but it merits a mention within this category.

In line with the reduced sweatiness comes a confidence that I didn't even realise I was missing. I can easily chat to people, raise my arms, and not worry that I have damp patches or that my body may betray me and let out a faint smell of body odour from said sweaty pits. NOT that I smelled bad initially. I really didn't. I am clean, and I use deodorant and body sprays and perfumes, but I am just finding that they last a lot longer, and I smell amazing all the time. It's fabulous.

5- People Are REALLY Noticing

I mentioned in my previous hub, differences after losing 1 stone, that people had started making comments and noticed my weight loss. Well that has actually been much more frequent, and from people that I wouldn't even expect it! Neighbours, work colleagues, bus drivers, even! People are so nice in that they will take a moment in their day to tell me I'm doing well.

While I am taking this journey for me, it is really great to hear other peoples comments and it keeps me motivated. Its nice to know that even though I don't see too much of a change, other people can see it. I for one, am always too harsh on myself, so being referred to as "having a skinny day," "looking trim" or "looking great" really gives me a boost.

Which improvement would you prefer?

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    • sparkleyfinger profile imageAUTHOR

      Lynsey Harte 

      19 months ago from Glasgow

      Hi Kenneth, thanks for dropping by ad leaving your comment. Funny you should say that, as I am going to change tact and go for calorie controlled with lots of exercise, as I think it is the healthier way to do thing. Unfortunately it is the effort of it all that has put me off for so long, so wish me luck!!!

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 

      19 months ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      That is awesome. Fitness is always my concern because for the fact that it affects your confidence, it is also a good way to keep yourself healthy. Keep it up!


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