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Weight Loss: It's About Believing You Can

Updated on March 12, 2013

Weight Loss

Let's face it if you don't believe you can lose weight you won't. It's plain and simple. You've got to have faith. That means even if you don't know how things are going to turn out, you still have to believe.

So get out those fashion magazines and check out your next look. Dream about it. Live it. Do everything you can you achieve it. Know you can. Believe. Have faith. Real faith.. All of the time , not just once in awhile. Having faith means you can't give up. You just can't. It means you believe even if the odds are against you. Even if it seems it's the last thing on earth that's going to happen.

There are different ways to develop and maintain faith. Some people go to church.Some to the temple. Others bow down to their God an predetermined times throughout the day in the middle of the town square.

But, that's not the only way to develop and maintain faith. You can get in touch with your inner self through meditation, yoga, affirmations, self-help DVD's, seminars, specialized groups, or just taking a quiet hike in the woods with no one around except the animals. You need to feed your spirit. Your soul. Your faith.

Do what you need to do for yourself. To make you feel alive. With spirit and a zest for living thinner. You can control every thought you have. Make them good positive ones. Don't get down on the times when things haven't worked out as you've planned, celebrate right now. Celebrate the choices you're making today to live a more fulfilled life.

Think about it. Whenever you've planned for something in your life, you had to have some sort of faith that it would turn out as you'd hoped for. If you didn't you probably wouldn't have started on the project in the first place. You wouldn't have been so motivated. So ready to conquer something new.

Faith gives us hope. Hope that we will go on in the fashion we'd like to. Hope for our dreams and desires. But, faith comes from within. You've actually got to come up with reasons to have faith so that you can come back to them when needed. Everyone's are different. It doesn't matter what makes you feel comforted and full of everything you ever needed. The fact is, if you are you are able to have faith like you wouldn't believe.

To lose weight, faith comes at the top of the list of actions to take, to get the body you want.

Faith Equals Weight Loss

Do you have faith that you'll lose weight?

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