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Weight Loss: Lose Weight By Switching To More Active Forms Of Entertainment

Updated on July 17, 2012


Sedentary or passive entertainment is a form of entertainment that involves sitting or laying down. It is associated with a lack of exercise and the consumption of junk food. You are a spectator passively watching the entertainment. For example people watching a baseball game. You just sit there for a long time and watch. Sitting around for long periods of time is not very good for your health and often leads to weight gain and muscle loss. So sedentary entertainment can be bad for your health in large doses.

Active entertainment involves people getting up and using their body to play a sport like baseball or for other fun activities. It often requires a certain amount of skill or ability. You use your mind and your body. Active entertainment can reduce fat and build muscle. So it is good for your health. Sedentary entertainment is popular among older people that are no longer very active and active entertainment is popular among young or middle aged people. At least it was popular. Its popularity has been on the decline as sedentary entertainment has become more popular.

Improvements in technology have made sedentary entertainment more appealing because you can be more than a spectator. You can interact by doing things like pressing buttons or talking. Video games keep getting better and their audience keeps growing. Some people spend a lot of time using computers and playing video games and that time takes away from the time they spend being active. They get a lot less physical exercise. As a result they become weak, out of shape and overweight.

The best way to get a body like someone is to act like them. A lot of children are acting like old out of shape people. Sure most older people do not play video games and spend hours on the computer but they play games like cards and spend a lot of time reading books. When people play video games, watch TV and movies, read, play checkers etc. they do not get a significant amount of exercise.

More and more people have become overweight because of our entertainment options. They can entertain themselves for hours while sitting.


Switching To More Active Entertainment

One of the easiest ways to become more active is to exercise while you watch TV. If your entertainment involves sitting around for long periods of time you can probably enjoy it just as much or more if you stand up and exercise. If you are going to spend time at the beach laying around you can walk and swim at the beach instead. When playing video games you can play the motion controlled video games and use your body to control the game. You can also change how you get somewhere. Instead of driving you can walk or bike to your destination. Small changes to your entertainment can make a big difference to your body.

You can also reduce the time spent on sedentary forms of entertainment by replacing them or reducing the amount of time spent on them. Add more variety to your entertainment. Go for walks, bike, rollerblade, play sports etc. You could replace a card or video game with ping pong or lawn darts. Most things are more enjoyable in small doses. Spending less time doing something can increase your enjoyment when you do it.

There are lots of fun activities out there. Don't limit yourself to only a few of them.

Be More Than A Spectator

You can be a spectator and watch other people or computer characters doing fun things or you can be a participant and do them yourself. Not only can it lead to some good experiences but it can change your body for the better. You get a body like an athlete by acting like one. Watching people and fantasizing is not going to help.

I am not saying you should go on a shooting spree or put your life in danger. Movies, television shows, books and video games often contain a lot of violence. However in most of them the people are active. They are doing things like exploring the woods, going on canoe trips, swimming, fishing, playing sports etc. By being a participant you can have more fun while improving your health and your looks.


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