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Weight Loss Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Updated on January 2, 2014

If you have been making efforts for losing weight and if you are not seeing the expected results, it means that you are committing certain mistakes that nullify all your efforts. Here are a few common weight loss mistakes.
1. Having a good exercises regimen is certainly good because you will be burning calories that may ultimately help you in losing your weight. But, if you do the same exercises daily, the impact of the exercises on your system will start dwindling. So, you may not get the results you desire to have. So, you should make changes to your workouts. If you are not certain as to how to effect these changes, you can change the duration, the workout mode or the intensity of the exercises. For example, if you go for brisk walking daily with an aim to reduce your weight, you can make changes to the routes. Instead of going for morning walks, you can choose some other time of the day for the walks. You can change the duration or intensity also for having the effects you want. This suggestion is given because it is a proven fact that the body adjusts itself to routines easily and due to this, the results will hit a plateau.
2. Another mistake is that you may be replenishing the calories you lose by consuming more quantities of food. Though it is true that you may have extreme hunger after a good workout, you should desist from eating like that. Not only that, you may be thinking that since you are doing your exercises, you can eat anything. This is wrong. The purpose of doing exercises is to create a calorie-deficit but you will instead create a calorie-surplus by over eating after your workout. Therefore, you may not succeed in the efforts you make for losing weight. The only way to avoid committing this mistake is to keep a close watch on the calories you consume and eat in such a manner that it results in a calorie-deficit.

3. Your exercises regimen should consist of both strength training or muscle building exercises and cardiovascular exercises. Strength training or muscle building exercises will not help you much in losing weight. Only cardiovascular exercises like aerobics, swimming, bicycling, running, jogging, brisk walking,etc. will render substantial help for losing weight. So, you should judicially mix both types of exercises in your exercises regimen.
4. If you think that exercises are enough and other non-exercise physical activities are not necessary, you cannot be more wrong. Apart from doing exercises daily, you should be physically active throughout the day also. Some simple tips are climbing the steps instead of using the lifts or elevators, walking to shopping malls or nearby places instead of using your vehicle, etc. In short, you should find out as many ways as possible for improving your metabolism and spending your calories.
You will derive innumerable benefits if you have a good exercises regimen. But, only if you focus on optimizing the results of your workouts, you will be able to achieve your aim of losing your excess weight. This means that you should avoid committing these mistakes so that you will have optimized results.


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