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Weight Loss: Motivate Yourself To Take Action By Setting Fun, Exciting And Challenging Goals

Updated on April 4, 2013

Does anyone really want to lose weight?

People often make losing a specific amount of weight their goal. The problem is that the goal is boring and uninspiring. For example 'My goal is to lose 5 pounds'. However I do not really want to lose weight. I don't think anyone does. Sure I may want to weigh around 125 pounds but I don't actually want to lose weight. Weight loss goals do not excite me or inspire me to take action. Most people would like to skip to the part where they have their ideal body.

I think that is why a lot of people have trouble with their weight loss goals. The two main problems are that weight loss goals are not action oriented and they focus on things they do not want. It is not a good starting point. You still need to make a list of action oriented goals like running 4 days, drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods. If you are focusing on what you do not want your list will probably be full of things you do not want to do. For instance most people don't want to give up junk foods and dessert but they will make it part of their weight loss plan anyway. I don't want to run down my road 4 days a week and deprive myself of the foods I like.

People often focus on things they do not want to do in an attempt to get rid of fat they don't want. Instead of losing 5 pounds the goal could be to weigh 125 pounds. That is a good weight for my height. However I would still be thinking about losing fat. Having the body you want should be the outcome not the goal.

Walking along this beach is on my to do list
Walking along this beach is on my to do list | Source

The Want To Do List

Make up a to do list with things you want to do instead of a list of things you do not want to do. You should be looking forward to accomplishing the goals on your list. You started your weight loss journey because you wanted something. Wanting should continue to be an important part of your journey. If your list is full of things you do not want to do then you are sabotaging yourself.

The goals on your list should be things that will get you closer to having the body you want. Try to keep things in your list within the realm of possibility. Start with things that you think could be done in the near future and add some that you would like to do later. As you cross things out try to add new ones. I have some things I like to do every year that provide me with a lot of exercise.

My warm weather to do list contains a lot of biking, rollerblading, hiking, canoeing, nature photography and swimming. My cold weather to do contains a lot of hiking, working out, playing Wii sports games and learning new exercises. I do workouts that I want to do and when I no longer want to do them I change to a different workout. People can have a lot of fun doing things that provide them with exercise. The parks I visit are often full of people having fun and the people that are having the most fun are the people moving their body. Challenging goals can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and can break you out of your regular routine. They also give your body a reason to change.

Accomplishing the goals on your want to do list could give you the body you desire. Think of the body you want and then think of things you want to do that will help you get that body. Include some things that you have never done before. I am going to Rollerblade around a provincial park for the first time but before I do that I am going to practice in my driveway. For another first I am going to to explore a large bike trail that I found while I was using Google maps. A goal that I am currently working on is to become stronger and change the appearance of my body by doing a variety of push.

Kayaking is one of the things I want to try


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    • Michael J Rapp profile image

      Michael J Rapp 5 years ago from United States

      Great advice. I think the negative thoughts and emotions surrounding weight loss is often a great impediment to success. Changing focus can make a big difference.