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Weight Loss Motivation : Tips to Keep Fat Off Long Term

Updated on July 2, 2013

You are starting to lose weight and you want some ideas how to maintain it long term. Good riddance. Although weight loss needs focus and determination, it's useful to understand that weight loss isn't simply a start and end approach. Certainly, you have a weight loss mission to complete, but after you achieve that, you don't just avoid proper diet and stop doing workouts. Not a chance! You need to keep it up because it's a good lifestyle that's both motivating and healthy. It creates a wonderful feeling in you.

Knowing this, after you make the shift from reducing your weight to keeping the proper weight, you have some wiggle room in your diet and workout program because you don't have to decrease of calories anymore - you just have to consume as many as your body requires that allows you to not gain or lose weight.

So whether you're only starting on your weight loss campaign or if you've accomplished your target weight, adopt these best techniques to keep the weight off successfully.

Stay active

Staying active is very important for maintaining weight off - not to mention it offers an abundance of additional health advantages, such as helping your cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, boosting your mood and overall health. You should get active on something you love; whether it's dancing, hiking, cycling, or taking part in sports - life is quite short so do something you love! Aim for at least 3 days of cardio workout per week and 2 days of resistance training. Work outs should be a minimum of 20 to 30/min each (which can also be split up into lesser parts) with your heart rate around 60% to 85% at the most.

Keep a journal

Several researches reveal that people who monitor or keep a journal of the foods they consume lose more weight easily and maintain it off for a longer period. In fact, the National Weight Control Registry, which monitors well over 3 ,000 individuals who have lost an average of 50 pounds and not gain much weight for 5 years, has observed that recording the foods they consume is one effective technique to keep on track well after they've succeeded to lose the weight. In a different study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, people who used a food diary while in a diet routine shed more weight compare to those who didn't.

Don't starved yourself too much

If you really enjoy muffins and chocolates but have a diet plan that limits you from consuming them, chances are high you're likely to become very darned starved. And that's in no way a good thing (bad effects usually bounce back). To get an absolutely livable healthy routine, it is best to add in limited treats (consumed moderately) in your diet plan.

Drink plenty of water

Ask a person who successfully maintained his/her weight and they guarantee one thing - drink no less than 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps boost your metabolic function, aids in eliminating unwanted fat from the body, helps minimize food-cravings. Water is essential for a healthy body, so drink up!

Having a support group is valuable

No matter if it's a friend, your loved ones or work buddies, having a support group can significantly help you lose weight. Additional study that appeared at the National Weight Control Registry showed that people who lost weight and attending bi-monthly support group meetings for a year help them maintained proper weight. People who didn't attend support meetings regained nearly half of the weight they got rid of. Support doesn't need to be direct interaction, so if you can't arrive at a weight loss gathering there is a next time.

Challenge yourself always

Even after you've reach your weight goals, try to set up goals that will motivate you more. Whether you need added weight to your strength training program, jogging or running a little faster, adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet plan or just saying no to that second chunk of pie, set your motivators weekly, monthly and yearly to keep you centered and challenged. Never ever forget to treat yourself ( see a movie, get a pedicure , enjoy a spa massage, buy new workout shirts, and so on. ) great stuffs set in place whenever you reach your goals! Rewards can truly drive you more to lose that excess weights.

Try rearranging some things

Schedule each month to experiment with a new challenge. Whether it's another workout class, a modified workout, an alternate recipe or a meal you've never attempted, modifying things routinely will keep your weight loss experience enjoyable and interesting. After all, none of us (not even those workout aficionados) wishes to eat the same meal or do the same workout each day.

Never forget to remind yourself

Try to place a photo of yourself at your fattest or most awful appearance in a place that you can see. You don't have to look at it every day, but once every week it's best to remember where you were and how you progress. Placing a photo of your past self in your table or wallet also comes in helpful when you're having tendencies to skip a planned workout or enticed to eat unhealthy foods while eating out.

Keep track of your weight

About 75% of all people who succeed in maintaining their weight for long periods report that they weigh themselves every week to keep the extra weight under control. Although often the scale tend to be a burden ( particularly when you're increasing muscle and losing fat ), it's very helpful that you keep monitor and record your body weight to find out if you're losing weight or the weight stays off . Whether you're using the scale, calculating your body fat, make sure you try a certain pair of jeans or using a measuring tape, to monitor your size constantly.

Enjoy the lifestyle

After a couple of weeks of eating healthier and hitting the gym, you shouldn't simply look better. You should feel improved, as well! Weight loss is focused on bettering your life, not limiting it. Therefore make sure that you're working on the positive and adopting healthier choices every day. Considering that, it is a choice - and you've chosen to be in good shape and eventually thankful!


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