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Weight Loss Motivation for a Lifetime

Updated on November 16, 2011

Did you know your shoes can make all the difference in your workouts?


Weight management can be difficult around the holidays, and really, year round. It is a constant struggle to eat right and get to the gym. Right now is a popular time to head to the gym. Everyone is assessing how many holiday meals they will eat, and making up for heavy meals and delicious desserts. But how do you motivate yourself after the holidays are gone? New Year’s Resolution? Those never last! Try these motivating tips to get yourself moving at the gym year round, and eating healthy for a lifetime.

  • Invest in a Cooler Bag – It might sound too simple, but there are some great products out there to motivate you to eat healthy, and you’ll save money at the same time. Take your breakfast, snacks and lunch with you to work and avoid snack machines and fast food. Carry your pre and post-workout snacks to help get you through that workout at the gym. If you know there’s a shake waiting for you after your fitness class you are more likely to work harder. Some of the cooler bags on the market come with containers for food and shakes as well. Use it for traveling and family picnics, too.
  • Buy New Shoes – This is also a simple concept, but it works! Research and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes just for your feet. Many people quit working out due to aches and pains, many of them in the feet and legs. This can be related to the way you are stepping when working out. You can see a podiatrist or just go to a store with one of those Dr. Scholl’s custom orthotic machines to determine what type of foot you have. Or, you can pay attention to your shoes. If you are flat-footed you could be an overpronator meaning your foot is moving inward when you step. If the inner part of your shoes are worn you could be overpronating. This can affect your knees, shins and feet. High arches tend to underpronate meaning their feet roll outward which is also an injury risk. Many brands make shoes just for these problems. Prevent injury and motivate yourself to workout again.
  • Let People in on Your Plan – When I was at my highest weight I had had enough. I saw this show where people were motivated by humiliation in a sense. They had to reveal their weight if they didn’t lose it. We see it all the time now on The Biggest Loser and other weight loss shows, but you can do this on your own. Tell your family, friends, co-workers or anyone who will listen that you plan to lose X amount of weight before the summer, for instance. If you know that people are expecting something out of you, you are more likely to go through with it. I told my entire family and even got a few skeptical glances. That motivated me even more to do my best. I lost 70 pounds that year. It works!
  • Set a Goal and Write it Down – Write down the weight you want to get to. Put it on a post-it in your car where you can see it or in the bathroom and, of course, track your progress at least once a week. If you are consistently staring at the weight you want to be you are more likely to put down the doughnut in the morning.
  • Set a Goal with New Clothing – If you want to be two sizes smaller by spring or summer, buy a pair of jeans, new bathing suit or any other piece of clothing and make it your goal to make it fit. Keep in mind that you might be buying clothing based on what your body looked like before weight gain or pregnancy. After weight loss, your body may not look the way it did before. When buying a swimsuit remember that those stretch marks might not disappear just because you lose weight or slather them with cocoa butter every day. If you are comfortable showing them, as am I, buy that two-piece anyway!
  • Positive Thinking – I tend to constantly beat myself up when I overeat or miss a day at the gym, but this is not good. Positive thinking equals positive lifestyle. Keep your thoughts in check. Everyone has an off day. Pick back up and start over the next day. Think about how great it feels when your stomach isn’t hanging over your pants because you didn’t stuff yourself with a hamburger. Catch yourself feeling better after exercise and ride high on those newly released endorphins.
  • Find Exercise You Like – This is a biggie! If you hate the treadmill, get off of it. No one said you had to walk for an hour every time you go to the gym. Find something you really like or you will never get to the gym on a consistent basis. Group classes look intimidating, but I promise, they’re not. Get yourself set up in the back, toward the middle of the class. No one can see you, and honestly, no one cares to see you. They are suffering through the same routine, focusing on themselves. Group exercise is great because there is a social aspect to it. You make friends and tend to come back because of the social connections. Not only that, but you have a classroom full of people motivating you through the hour and it goes by way faster than the hour on the treadmill. Classes are fun, inspiring and they work you out better than any treadmill, for sure. If you truly find you are uncoordinated or it is just not for you, try spicing up your workouts with new music. I always love having new music on my iPod and can’t wait to rock out to it while on the elliptical.
  • Remember Your Health – Everyone wants to be thin and wear their skinny jeans again, but remember that your health is important, too. Regular, weight-bearing exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis better than calcium supplements alone. Every part of your body will benefit from it. You’ll feel better if you eat better; simple as that! Motivate yourself by going to the gym and skipping the burgers. When you feel better about yourself you are more likely to keep up the good work!


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    • shesacraftymom profile image

      shesacraftymom 6 years ago

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy them! More to come after the holiday weekend.

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      uniquearticlesbuz 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for useful hub I want to also reduce my weight........