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Weight Loss Motivation – Be Realistic

Updated on January 24, 2017

If you’re reading this hub then it is likely that you already have a huge amount of desire to achieve your weight loss goals. You are probably just lacking the motivation to stick with your weight loss program over the long term, to be in it for the long haul! Weight loss motivation is not something that comes easily to most people and results can seem to come quite slowly at first. Sometimes they are even more noticeable to others than they are to us but no one wants to comment on a person’s weight right, even if it’s in a good way? So how can we increase our long term weight loss motivation? What are the things we should keep in mind?

Be Realistic

The first and most important thing you can do to maintain your weight loss motivation is to be realistic about your goals. Let’s face it; if you are looking to lose a stone in a week then the likelihood is that is just not going to happen. A more slow and steady approach is needed. What is it they say, slow and steady wins the race? This is especially true with weight loss. If you have struggled for most of your life with excess weight, then it is likely that you are going to have to take a long term approach to dropping that weight and then to keeping it off. Instead of trying to lose a stone in a week, why not start with a pound? If you can achieve this goal then over the course of the next three months you should be able to drop almost a stone in weight. Do that for a year and you’ll lose 4 stone. These results may seems slow but we all know just how quickly time goes these days. If you want to maintain a strong weight loss motivation then you need to have realistic goals. Losing too much weight at once can also cause other undesirable problems, excess skin being one of them.

What is your main motivation for weight loss?

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Do and don’t look at others

This might well seem like quite a paradox. You’re saying that I shouldn’t look at others but you’re also saying that I should? Well you’re right, it is a paradox, so let me explain. If you spend your life comparing yourself to skinny models, celebrities or even family and friends then I can guarantee that it will only lead to two things, depression and a loss of weight loss motivation. Whether we like it or not, some people are just blessed with naturally skinny genes. Others are blessed with having enough spare cash to hire a dedicated personal trainer. If you’re reading this, then I’d say there is a good chance that you have none of these fortunate attributes. So stop comparing yourself to other people whose life situations and genetic makeup are completely different to that of your own.

Instead, if you are going to look at celebrities or family and friends, try to do so in an inspirational manner. If you have a friend who used to be severely overweight but isn’t anymore, instead of looking at him or her with envy, instead look to them as the proof that the kind of weight loss you desire is actually possible and then work hard to achieve your own personal goals.

Top Tips

  • Be Realistic With Your Goals
  • Don't Compare Yourself With Others Unless it's in a Positive Way
  • Think about the Consequences of Obesity

Do you really want to die young?

Although this may seem like a pretty harsh statement, it is a very real prospect for many overweight people. I know what it’s like. After years of being overweight and never seeing any results for the work you put in, your weight loss motivation can fade. You begin to accept the fact that you’re overweight, perhaps even beginning to embrace it. For many people this is a natural reaction, if you can’t beat them join them, right? Although I can understand how people get to this point, I still can’t agree with it.

We all know about the risks facing overweight people with an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes being just a few. As much have you have convinced yourself that you are happy with your weight, are you really? Do you really want to leave your kids or other loved ones behind before your time is due? Do you really want to miss out on spending time with your grandchildren? You may have started to believe the old saying that ‘Fat people are happy people’ but in reality this happiness is only temporary and if you were to ask 99% of the people who face the real prospect of dying early due to obesity whether they wish they had taken their weight issue more seriously, then I am sure that the majority would say yes.

Don’t give up, stay motivated

If you have reached the point where you have become comfortable with the fact that you are overweight then I can’t urge you enough to think again.

Weight is more than just an appearance issue, it is a health issue. Whether you believe it or not, I would bet my bottom dollar that you have many people in your life who love, cherish and need you in their life for as long as is humanly possible. Don’t let obesity cut that period short. Instead, try and take hold of every scrap of weight loss motivation you can muster and run with it, literally!


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