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Weight Loss Over 40 – Easy To Follow Guide

Updated on June 17, 2015

Sweating It Out - Women over 40

Weight Loss For Women Over 40

The truth is, when you reach 40, for women, the changes in the body are rather obvious. The abdomen area is more pronounced, the legs and the arms are also bigger now. The difference in the body weight due to a slowed metabolism, fewer movements or exercise, and at the age of 40 and above, women tend to slow down. They tend to get tired rather quickly and would, to a degree, opt just to sit and perhaps do simple exercises that won’t challenge the body after all.

How to lose weight at this age is challenging. However, here are simple steps to follow to help you trim down.

1) Eat small but frequent. Gone are the days when you eat much and then burn the calories right away. At this age, your body is slow; your digestive system is also sluggish. This is a normal process of aging. However, when you eat according to your body’s capacity and energy output, burning the excessive calories will not be that hard.

2) Eat fruits and vegetable more over white carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables contain low in fats and calories. When you substitute your usual meat intake with fruits and vegetables, burning it out is much easier. Yes, you can still eat your favorite chicken dish or pork, but you have to substitute a portion of it with more fruits and vegetables. In this way, you will not be deprived of your cravings.

3) Force yourself to hit the gym or do brisk walking at least thrice a week. Doing exercise at this age is tiresome. The mind is pretty much active, but the body is too heavy to go to the gym or even takes a step at the thread mill. The moment you embrace a sedentary lifestyle, moving your body is next to impossible. Exercise at this age is vital. This does not only help you reduce your weight, but exercise improves your blood circulation.

4) Keep a positive mind. Being overweight is shared by many, and this is not the end of the world for you. If you keep a positive thought about your weight-loss plan, everything will fall into where it should be, and this includes your weight. When you are confident to achieve your goals, sooner, or later, you will. You just have to make things happen.

The success rate of women over 40 trying to lose weight are probably at the low level. However, you cannot blame these women because each of them has their stories to tell. Now, if you want to look good at this age, you have to start by evaluating your habits at the moment. Changing the way you eat is a great way to begin your weight loss journey. Start today and have tons of motivation, drive, and a strong will to begin your weight loss trip.

Weight Loss for Women over 40


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