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Weight Loss Scam Warnings

Updated on November 17, 2011
Scams Cost You Money
Scams Cost You Money | Source

Weight Loss Scams Cost You Money

It seems like millions of people are interested in losing weight. A large number of these people would like to take the weight off as soon as possible. These individuals are more likely to fall victim to the weight loss scams that are out there. You find these weight loss scams in newspapers, magazine, billboards, posters, circulars, and even on the Internet. This is a big area for a con artist because there are millions of victims that are ripe for the picking. Most of these con artist make big promises that they surely cannot guarantee. Here are warnings or signs that the weight loss product might be a weight loss scam.

1. Effortless. We've all seen the programs that state that weight loss is easy on the plan or that it is effortless. The pounds melt off while you sit back and relax or that you don't have to exercise. Weight loss is not easy for most and exercise is an important factor in losing weight.

2. Lose Fast. Plans that promise that you will lose a pound a day or even more. There are actually weight loss scams that promise that a few pounds of fat will melt away each day. This is impractical and unhealthy.

3. Magical Foods. Take a look in a magazine and you might find an ad that states eating nothing but grapefruit and their special magical diet pills will melt the fat off the body and lead to weight loss. Or that just drinking lemon water and their special powder drink leads to getting rid of excess pounds. This might point to a scam rigged to make you pay for expensive powder drinks.

4. Gadgets. A special gadget or item that you must wear or use to exercise that leads to weight loss. For example, a belt you wear around your waist that sends electrical pulses to the waist that melts fat. Or a rubber suit you wear to reduce weight. These items might be scams and dangerous.

5. Marketing Schemes. Hundreds or thousands of those weight loss scams involve marketing schemes designed to rip you off and make the company rich. They usually start out offering huge profits for selling the dieting plan to your family and friends. Then you are to encourage these same innocent individuals to market the dieting plan scheme to others. They make this very attractive by giving you additional profits if they decide to sell the product to others.


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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 6 years ago from India

      Good hub. Now a days millions of people are interested in losing weight and many of them were eyeing to lose weight through effortless techniques which are of no use and waste of money.

      In the above article good points were raised about the weight loss scams. Everyone should know the basic fact that exercise is the best technique to lose weight.