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Weight Loss Solution-How to lose weight fast

Updated on September 4, 2012

Weight loss program

Are you suffering from obesity and you are looking for the information about weight loss solutions or tips to lose weight fast free etc? If yes, go ahead as you will find very practical tips to lose weight fast naturally here. The following weight loss treatment is absolutely free.

Obesity: A great concern

Obesity is a serious problem and it is a very harmful disease. Obesity brings a lot of problems with it. People suffering from it feel a lot of difficulty in life. They not only feel physical problems but they feel mental problems also. Obese people have a low self esteem as they know that are seen as a laughing stock wherever they go. Obese people try every thing to get rid of this fatal disease. They spend money on pills, tools and gyms to reduce weight or to be slim. Often they are misled by others and they are looted by thugs. So if you are suffering from obesity or you are overweight or you know someone who is overweight, you just read the following weight loss tips and follow the advice given to reduce weight naturally. The methods given below to reduce weight are easy and these methods can be easily followed at home. You will not require any money to lose your weight.

Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program

The do’s and don’ts to lose weight fast

Do’s to lose weight - WWW (Water and Walk can reduce Weight)
Drink Plenty of Water You drink water to quench your thirst but from today onwards you drink water to reduce weight. You should drink as much water as much weight you want to lose. You may be wondering is there any connection of drinking water with weight loss. So stop wondering and start believing that water can help you reduce weight naturally without spending any money.

Fill your empty stomach with water

Whenever you see any tempting eatables, you just start eating without worrying for your health. You don’t know that overeating is also one of the reasons for your obesity or overweight. According to a research survey, it is observed that if you drink 2-3 glass of water before meals, you can reduce your weight by 6-7 Kilograms in just 2 months. The reason is that when you drink water before meals or eating any thing, you will eat less and thus you will have your diet controlled. So from today make a habit of drinking 2 glass of water before eating anything.

Water increases metabolism and thus reduces weight

If you drink less water, the metabolism will be slower in your body and thus your body will gain fat. Metabolism is a process by which food is converted into energy and water helps in this conversion. If your metabolism is slow. It means your body is slow in converting food to energy and food is converted to fat. So drink plenty of water to increase metabolism and reduce weight. Drinking plenty of water also keeps you away from dehydration.

Walk daily

Walking is a good exercise. It is the best exercise as you need not make strenuous postures or do some odd exercise. Just Walk and Walk to reduce Weight. One should walk at least 10000 footsteps in a week. Walking helps a lot in weight reduction and we should not walk with baby steps. Our stepping should be large. We should walk with large steps at least half an hour daily.

Don’ts to lose weight fast

Avoid ORS (Oily foods, Rice, Roti (bread) and Sugar) Oily Food: Avoid too much oily food, junk food and fast food. Today we have a very imbalanced diet and we continue to eat whatever we get. We must practice to avoid oily foods. Oily foods settle as fat deposits in our body and we gain weight.

Rice and Roti (bread): Rice and Roti both contain high quantities of carbohydrate. Consuming too much of carbohydrate increases the level of glucose in our body. If we don’t exercise or walk, this glucose is converted into fat and we start gaining weight. So we must consume a limited quantity of rice and roti. Potato also contains carbohydrates so potatoes should also be avoided.

Sugar: Sugar also contains refined carbohydrate. And as told earlier, carbohydrate is converted into fat if there is no physical activity or very little physical activity. So I hope that you found the weight loss solutions or tips to lose weight fast useful and now it’s your duty to help your friends and family to overcome obesity or to lose weight. Share this article with your friends and family.


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    • devendras profile image

      Devendra Singh 5 years ago from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

      @Jantamaya: It is really nice to know the information you gave here .

    • jantamaya profile image

      Maria Janta-Cooper 5 years ago from UK

      Good and well written information. Thank you.

      Roti? Do you mean an Indian type of bread? I think in your article, you mean generally all sorts of bread (not only roti). In Europe, America or Australia, we eat lots of different breads based mostly on wheat. Eating this sort of bread is also less desirable while trying to lose weight.