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Weight Loss Supplements Or Diet Pills To Lose Weight?

Updated on January 28, 2016
So many pills... Which one to choose?
So many pills... Which one to choose? | Source

Weight Loss Supplements vs Diet Pills

Diet pills are far different from organic weight loss supplements. The former is unsafe to use and may contain illegal drugs which can potentially harm the person taking it. The latter is a safer alternative to losing weight with ingredients that comes from nature; all natural and chemical-free. But there are still some who think that their Bangkok pills or Hokkaido slimming capsules will help them burn fat and lose weight.

Let me tell you what I experienced about organic weight loss supplements…


I am not a medical expert. But I read a lot. I read feedback, comments and studies on the product before I take it.

From what I understood about these organic veggie capsules, with the natural ingredients mixed together, it enhances a person’s metabolism. Have you noticed that some people lose weight easily and some do not? This is the reason why – metabolism.

If your metabolism works fast, then, you burn fat a lot faster too. But obese people are such because their metabolism is not grinding as it is supposed to be.

With the veggie capsules that contain plant extracts for weight loss, the target is to get your metabolism pumping.

Do you have these symptoms? If yes, then, your metabolism is not working properly.


Eat the Right Foods and Drink Plenty of Water. It can help boost your metabolism.

Start on these habits TODAY.
Start on these habits TODAY. | Source

Hokkaido Pills in Different Colors??? Which is Authentic???

Look at the pills here, in pink.
Look at the pills here, in pink. | Source
And here it is a combination of yellow and green...
And here it is a combination of yellow and green... | Source
Brown colored pills right here.
Brown colored pills right here. | Source

My Personal Opinion

Personally, I want to shoo away people that I know and care about from taking this poison.

I am talking about diet pills in general and not just one particular brand.

A few years back, I tried the Hokkaido pills I bought from an online seller.

I did not know about weight loss supplements then and diet pills were the craze at that time. (Early 2000’s)

She claimed that it was authentic and imported from Hokkaido, Japan, but it was so cheap without thinking about the bad effects.

Still, I tested it and not one week later, I had to stop. I did not lose weight at all too.

I stopped taking Hokkaido pills.

The online seller sent me the pink pills.

I stopped because my heart palpitated so fast each day and it felt like it would burst any minute!

I was perspiring and it seemed like I was always panting.


Good thing I found out about organic capsules to burn my fat belly, legs, arms, hips - everything.


Please watch this video. It is about the dangers of diet pills.



Other than pushing your metabolism to the limits, these weight loss supplements also contain barks, leaves and flowers that can suppress the appetite. Obese people love to eat, right? This is one of the factors why they are, well, WE are fat. (I include myself here because I too am obese.)

Perfect! Yummy and Nutritious at the same time.

Brown rice, Chicken Fillet grilled and Salad - around 400-500 calories max but fulfilling to the stomach.
Brown rice, Chicken Fillet grilled and Salad - around 400-500 calories max but fulfilling to the stomach. | Source

If your appetite is suppressed, it means that your system will alert you that your body is already full from eating:

--- 1/2 cup of brown rice

--- 1 cup of green vegetables

--- 4-6 ounces of protein

(chicken and fish are the best bets, but you can also have some pork and beef without the fat)

--- a serving of fruit

--- a 30 calorie extension each meal on whatever “tasty” you want to put

Thanks to the weight loss supplements, you can have the “tasty”.



I call it “tasty” – a bit of cream sauce, cheese, Thousand Island dressing, catsup, almonds, VCO and whatever else. You can have your own “tasty” if you like, but limit it to 30 calories each meal. Maximum of 50 calories.

(Why? If you eat a cup of Romaine lettuce – rich in vitamins and minerals – it will only take 5-10 calories and you are full. 30 calories of tasty are like 1 tablespoon of dressing or 2 slices of cheese. Do you get the picture?)

Moderation is the Key.

Now, have you noticed the meal I mentioned? Brown rice – organic. Salad. Greens. No fat protein. Fruit. And “tasty”. After eating all that, you will feel satisfied. I know I do. This is because of the appetite suppressant in the weight loss supplements. And this is true. You do not need to eat 3 servings of carbohydrates each meal. Moderation is the key here if you want to lose weight.

Portion Eating.


The portion size above for eating your meals is a general standard.

If you want to lose weight and control your meals, it will be best to consult with a dietitian or your physician as to your current state of health.

These medical experts will tell you how many calories you can consume in a day and what foods are best to eat.

Are you a Sugar Addict? I was once, but, I BEAT IT!



Another thing that I noticed when I take the veggie caps is that I do not look for McDonalds, KFC or Dominoes that much.

A week can pass by without me having to eat Large Fries from McD.

With that, I can certify to the effectiveness of the capsules

– it has not only curbed my appetite, it also diminished my cravings for certain “poison” foods.

I am not a sugar addict anymore!

For some, they experienced frequency in their toilet visits because of their weight loss supplements.

For me, there was no such thing. I have a regular bowel schedule, every day, twice – within 2 hours from when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night.

So, it was not an issue for me.

And, that is all. I think I have most everything covered.

Oh and yes, EXERCISE.

Do not Forget to Exercise.

Diet and weight loss supplements will only work fast in combination with exercise.

I did yoga 2-3 times a week for 40-50 minutes. I also had one on one boxing lessons. But lately, it was brisk walking for me.

It can be anything, you know. As long as you are not being sedentary.

What type of exercise do you like?


Anyway, you might be wondering what type of veggie capsules I am talking about. It is Forskolin Blend by Renovatura™. It is not the generic kind and the capsules are US manufactured too. Supplements from Renovatura™ have the GMP Certification. Also, FDA has inspected their weight loss supplements for quality and standards concerns.

Bigger View.


Dr. Oz Talks about Forskolin.


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