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Weight Loss: Think Yourself Thinner To Lose Fat

Updated on October 9, 2012

Thoughts Are Powerful

Your thoughts tell the body what to do and you are thinking all day long. Not only can your thoughts control your muscles but they also have some control over your immune system. Negative thoughts can impair your immune system and cause a lot of health problems. They can even cause your body to store more fat. Positive thoughts can cause your immune system to work better.

Some thoughts seem to pop into your conscious mind at random while others are triggered by what is going on around you. One thought can lead to another. When you become aware of a thought you can focus on it or let it go by thinking of something else. It is like your mind is a TV with a lot of different channels and you are channel surfing. With a little practice you can recognize a bad thought and quickly get rid of it.

The thoughts that have the most power are the ones you continue to focus on. Strong thoughts lead to action and may take place in the outside world or within your body.

Making Decisions

Losing weight is mostly about making decisions including the decision to act. You want to change your body so you need to do things differently. Recently I chose to jump rope while I watched TV. However there are lots of hours in the day. If you want to be successful at losing weight you should be thinking about your weight goals all day long. That way when you are making decisions you are thinking about your goals.

Choosing to exercise while I watch TV is a good decision. However the other decisions I make before and after I exercise effect my weight and my ability to exercise. For example I could drink water or pop. Drinking water is better for my weight loss goal. When having a snack I could look for a healthy snack or I could eat junk food. What I eat for supper impacts my ability to exercise after supper. For instance I can function better after eating a nice well balanced healthy meal than I can after an unhealthy meal.

If I think about my goals throughout the day and night I am more likely to make good decisions.


Being Successful

The problem a lot of people have is that they don't think about their weight loss goals enough. They may think of a goal and even come up with a plan to achieve that goal. However if they stop thinking about it then they are not going to make much progress. When the goal and the plans are out of your mind you are going to make bad decisions like the ones that made you overweight in the fist place.

Currently my goal is to get rid of fat and strengthen my upper body. My plan is to do an upper body workout twice a day, do cardio exercises while I watch TV and to consume fewer calories. While I have not reached my goal yet I am making good progress. The reason I am making progress is because I keep thinking about it. I don't just think of it once in a while. Day and night it is always on my mind until I go to sleep.

I don't just magically think myself thinner but thinking about my goals causes me to make better decisions. Those decisions get me the results I want.


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