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Weight Loss Using Herbs

Updated on August 2, 2016

There are many ways in which herbs and spices can assist you in your weight loss journey. You may think that going to the drug store and purchasing expensive weight loss aids is a better solution. There are many inexpensive options which can be found right in your kitchen. Adding herbs and spices to your diet is a natural strategy you can use to achieve your weight loss goals. Herbs don't have the same side effects which some weight loss drugs might have. Many of the weight loss drugs on the market are merely hyped up solutions which are not going to make too much of a difference.

Obesity and weight gain is an increasing concern for many people. The prevalence of processed foods is causing many of us to find that our waistlines are always increasing. The lifestyles we lead are also becoming less active. There is so much time spent sitting at computers for so many people. It is not always easy to find time to exercise. When we do exercise the calories we burn off might be limited. Diet is definitely important when it comes to weight loss.

Herbs and spices contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and have medicinal properties. Some herbs and spices can actually shrink fat tissue.They have the potential to boost your metabolism. Working as an appetite suppressant some herbs out there can help you reduce your food intake.They can make your meal more satisfying causing you to consume smaller portions. The quality of your diet is also much better because spices improve the flavor of the various dishes you prepare at home. There are many reasons why we should strive to add herbal remedies to our weight loss strategies.



Ginseng has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. This is an herb which can be consumed in different ways. One great way to take ginseng is in tea. There are 2 varieties of ginseng. One is called Siberian and the other is Chinese ginseng.

The word "panax" is a Greek word meaning "all curing". You can use ginseng in the form of a tonic. The efficacy of ginseng has been proven by science. It is definitely an effective herb for weight loss and control of diabetes. It is great for diabetes because it helps to increase insulin secretion in our bodies. It also decreases blood glucose. It is wonderful because it is an adaptogen which means it is not a habit forming substance.

Ginsenoside Rg3 has the ability to inhibit differentiation in the cells in our body which store fat. This means that our body becomes less able to store extra weight.

Ginseng can be used to boost your energy level and speed up your metabolism. Panax ginseng is particularly known to give solid weight loss results. It is known that there is caffeine in ginseng. When we are energized and active it is much easier to burn off calories.

Cayenne Pepper

Consuming cayenne pepper is a great way to help reduce your appetite as well as promote overall health. Cayenne pepper is thermogenic and contains capsisin which is known to have many weight loss components. Thermogenic means that this spice works as a weight loss aid by increasing heat in your body. Whenever we eat something spicy it naturally causes our body temperature to increase. When your body tries to cool itself down you are burning calories. The results of thermogenic foods are more effective if you are not accustomed to a spicy diet. It helps decrease calorie intake and shrinks fat tissue. It helps lower blood fat levels. It can also trigger protein changes in your body.

Cayenne pepper speeds up your metabolism. A mere half teaspoon is enough to help your body increase the number of calories burned throughout the day. It will increase your overall metabolic rate by around 25%. Heat up your diet with a bit of cayenne spice to get into sizzling hot shape.


Cinnamon is another way to boost our metabolism. It is beneficial for blood sugar regulation as sugar levels can be significantly reduced with the consumption of cinnamon. Cinnamon may also help you feel full for a longer span of time. Apparently cinnamon can also help take hunger pangs away. Sprinkling a bit of cinnamon into your oatmeal can be a great way to have a filling breakfast.

Cinnamon is more useful as a preventive measure for weight gain. It probably is not going to be of much use in your efforts to take off weight you have already gained. If you use cinnamon in conjunction with other weight loss methods you would have better results.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Black pepper has been used in Eastern medicine for hundreds of years. This is a spice which almost everybody has in their kitchen. We can easily add extra pepper to many foods we enjoy. Black pepper contains a component called piperine. Piperine blocks the formation of new fat cells. It interferes with the genes which are responsible for how our body stores fat. Fat levels in our bloodstream can be reduced if we consume plenty of black pepper. Black pepper also has antioxidant properties. It's health benefits go way beyond weight loss. It may help with the prevention of breast cancer. It contains Vitamin C and also aids in the extraction of all the nutrients in food.

It is a thermogenic food. Thermogenic foods cause our body temperature to increase. As our body works to cool down we burn off more calories. This can help speed up our metabolism. So add some black pepper generously to the foods you eat to get your metabolism revved up for ultimate fat burning power.


This common weed is an effective way to slow down your digestion and improve your chances of losing weight. The entire plant is edible. Dandelions are found all around the world. They are very rich in nutrients. They contain both protein and carbohydrates. An excellent source of dietary fiber has them helping you feel full longer. You can eat the greens in a salad to stay full and avoid consuming unhealthy junk.

As a diuretic dandelions will also help your body release toxins which may interfere with your overall health. This cleansing herb is a great way to get your system at it's optimal health. They are chock full of antioxidants which are a great anti-aging solution. Dandelions also work as a mild laxative. The most useful way of looking at dandelions is if you wish to shed water weight. Dandelions on their own probably won't produce dramatic weight loss results in people, but they work well for weight loss in edema patients who are retaining too many fluids.


Cumin is an energizing spice which can also assist in the process of food digestion.It naturally improves the cholesterol levels in your body. There have been medical studies which have proven that cumin is effective for weight loss because it will allow the triglycerides in your body to drop. It is also rich in phytosterols which are plant chemicals which prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol.

Cumin may also improve your metabolism. Many hot spices have a thermogenic effect. Our body burns off extra calories every time our temperature increases. The heat created by hot spices might help us lose weight. Cumin is so easy to add to our diet. We can always just try putting it on our roast vegetables. Adding flavor to our dishes that we prepare is a great way to take off the pounds. Cumin has a very distinctive flavor which can be most pleasant.



Ginger is a natural body cleanser. It helps remove food lodged in the digestive system. It may prevent fat storage and assist the body in becoming resistant to weight gain. Ginger is very easy to add to our morning routine. We can simply add a few slices of the root to lemon water or tea. This can be a great way to detoxify our system.

Our body needs to be kept in good working order. Our liver is a very important organ. When we drink a cup of warm lemon water in the morning our body will produce more bile. This helps our liver release toxins. When we add some slices of ginger to our lemon water we have a tasty treat. Adding just a little bit of honey helps this nice beverage go down quite easily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is created from the double fermentation of apples. The vinegar you select should be unpasteurized and unfiltered. Extra processing may remove many of the beneficial nutrients. When you wish to lose weight you might take 1 or 2 teaspoons before each meal. It is a great way to cause weight loss which is gradual. The science behind apple cider vinegar as a weight loss aid is not something that is fully understood. There are many theories about why it might be an effective weight loss strategy. It may very well work as an appetite suppressant.

Losing weight should never be a stressful venture. It is about making good lifestyle changes which have an impact on our overall health. Adding herbs and spices to our diet may not produce drastic changes, but it is one shift towards better living which can be a good start.

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Herbal Home Remedies For Weight Loss


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